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Super Yummy Smoothies…

What happens when the members of a super talented, entrepreneurial and health-focused family put their minds together? Super yummy smoothies, that’s what!

It’s not often you come across a family (including two teenagers) who work incredibly well together in their own business. The Briggemans, however, are no ordinary family.
Mom Eloise, along with her daughter Emily (14) and son Ethan (13) are not only ambitious and talented, but they also love sharing their passion for healthy eating and keeping fit with others.

Brother and sister team Emily and Ethan Briggeman

The way they do this, is through their healthy and delicious smoothie range, Super Smoothies. “The idea was born from a combination of our family’s natural entrepreneurial DNA and wanting to encourage a healthy lifestyle in society. We love eating healthy, wholesome foods and keeping fit. We are also foodies and enjoy trying out various new recipes,” says Eloise.

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Having experienced the health benefits of smoothies themselves, Eloise says it was a natural progression for them to turn their daily smoothie-making into a business.
“The three of us spend as much of our spare time as possible making the smoothies and promoting our business. It’s hard work, sprinkled with lots of laughter and plenty of encouragement from my hubby, Edwin, who is our biggest supporter,” she laughs.

So, what makes these particular smoothies so unique? Well, for starters, they come packaged, frozen, in very convenient sachets, which are absolutely perfect for lunchboxes!
The smoothies are also completely natural with no added preservatives and are gluten-free.
“We are firm believers that it is important to feed one’s body with the right food to stay healthy. The three flavours in our range were specifically chosen to add value to people’s immune systems and health in general, especially with the season we are in globally. All the ingredients used are carefully chosen, of good quality and, of course, natural.”

So, what are the flavours? First up is the blueberry and chia flavour, which is also ideal for vegans. It is full of antioxidants and high in nutrients and fibre. The mango and turmeric flavour is also high in antioxidants and great for your immune system. It is delicious and even has a hint of honey and ginger as well. The last, and certainly one of the most popular flavours, is the almond and banana. With no added sugars, it’s a great source of protein, vitamins and potassium.

The Super Smoothies come in either 250ml and 350ml frozen sachets and are conveniently packed for school lunchboxes and for people who are on the go and hardly have time for a snack or lunch break.

All you have to do is take a sachet out of the freezer in the morning, pop it into your lunchbox and, by 10am, it has a delicious, thick consistency. The prices are R52 (350ml) and R43 (R250ml) and they do free delivery in Durban and surrounding areas.

Details: Super Smoothies are available at Kensington Superspar or contact them for delivery, @supersmoothiessa, 076 251 8834

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