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Wish List – We’re off to a running start this month…

with health and fitness top of mind

We all know the benefits of a daily dose of collagen. From hydrating and brightening your skin to strengthening your bones and muscles, from relieving aching bones and joints to assisting to reduce inflammation in the body, from supporting gut health to promoting nail and hair growth, it’s a no-brainer that we should all be popping a scoop into our breakfast smoothie or cup of coffee every morning.
New from Be Bright is Luminate, which is aimed at specifically nourishing the skin from within. With a combo of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Zinc – all proven all essential for hydrating, brightening and protecting the skin – you should start adding collagen to your diet when you’re in your 20s … and don’t stop! You’ll find Be Bright Luminate in two sizes, from R480, on bebright.co.za

Less is more. That’s until you’ve tried Under Armour’s apparently unparalleled cushioning system that has runners wanting more! The UA HOVR Mega 2 Clone, the newest member of the UA HOVR running shoe family, offers max cushioning for ultimate cruise-control comfort. It features a 32mm stack height, is designed for zero-gravity feel and with technology that flexes and adapts to your foot as you move through your stride, offers a personalised fit, too. Less rubbing, more comfort, this is the shoe for the runner who wants the most protection possible, and is great for long runs and high mileage training. Plus (yes, it’s frivolous) they look great, too. R3199 from underarmour.co.za

We’re sporty, yes. But we don’t do that sweaty, no make-up thing. This Clarins Water Lip Stain boasts it’ll last up to 300 kisses. So it’ll surely last for a jog around the block. Love the shade (Orange Water), love the barely-there feel. And if we win the race … kisses for all on the podium! R350 from clarins.co.za

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‘There is nothing as heavy as a dark thought, and on long-distance runs, they are as energy-depleting and ultimately as fatal as shoes that are one size to small’. It was 2009, and Erica Terblanche was about to run 250km over seven days across the Sahara Desert, and she was determined to displace negative thinking with bright thoughts. The five statements, (with factual proof-points) were … ‘I have the potential do to this; I am in a good place right now; I have so much love in my life, and love gives me wings; I love what I am about to do; I can write a thousand poems in the desert’. And she followed that with ‘And something wonderful can happen’.

Years, and much education in positive psychology later, she came to understand why her simple list was so powerful. ‘It was created on the building blocks of the things that make our lives worthwhile: Love and connection, meaning and purpose, the holding of worthwhile goals, a sense of urgency and self-belief and being engaged in doing something one loves for its own sake’.

In Run – For The Love Of Life, Erica tells about how the hardest things in her life, ‘bad things’, were the ones that are important in her achieving success. Part adventure, part travel, part autobiographical novel, this brilliantly written memoir stretches from North Africa to Greece, from Turkey to the Grand Canyon in Utah, from the desert to the boardroom, from her growing up on a Free State farm to Cape Town, where she lives now, and where you’ll find her at Run Club early in the morning on the Sea Point promenade, or perhaps at the top of Table Mountain with a group of kids who in the process of learning the creative power of goalsetting.

Run is inspirational and heart-breaking, raw and real, uplifting and encouraging. Even if you’ve never run, it’s an extraordinary read. Hell … it even has a happy ending! And a bonus … at the back of the book you’ll find a QR code for The Ten Commandments of Running and the Thrive Couch to 10km in 10 weeks training programme. As she says … ‘Just start’. Quickfox, R280 from Exclusive Books

Do we even need to say … sun protection first? Heliocare 360° Water Gel Sunscreen SPF 50+ provides long-lasting hydration and broad-spectrum protection against UVB, UVA, Visible Light and IR-A. So everything, really. The ultra-light, aqueous water gel absorbs quickly (so no white residue), lasts 24 hours, and those who play sport will love the fact that it doesn’t run into your eyes. Suitable for all skin types including those of you who have oily but dehydrated skin. R445 from dermastore.co.za

At last, a sports bra that fits. The Body Kind Sports Bra is a new edition to the range of fitness and wellness products from local fitness celeb Lisa Raleigh. It’s soft but offers perfect support with a clever hook and eye lacing system. The bra size is adjustable across both straps and around the chest area, and is available in eight different sizes, from small to 5XL. This high-impact bra is a great option for running, cross-fit, boxing, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, martial arts and even breastfeeding. R999 from lisaraleigh.com

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