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A treetop adventure!

Sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone, push the boundaries and face your fears. Our Get It team did exactly this recently, when we embarked on an obstacle adventure in the trees. And we’re so glad we did!

We were all giggles and chatter when we first arrived at the Tree Trails Obstacle Course. Dressed in our fitness gear with our hair tied back, we were ready to climb, swing and slide! Or so we thought.

The Get It girls, Nicole, Leah, Natalie, Lauren and Lisa, all strapped in and ready to climb!

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A high ropes obstacle course set in the forest tree tops at Sugar Rush Park just outside Ballito, the Tree Trails Obstacle Course is a fun, challenging and a great way to face your fears, build your team or just have a really good laugh (usually at yourself!).
Tree Trails, which opened in December last year, was started by Ballito friends Brendon Ferrar and Michelle Corns who met about six years ago during a three-day trail running event.
When they realised they were both looking for a business opportunity, they decided to do something together. Both runners with adventurous personalities who love the outdoors, they looked at a few different options before settling on Tree Trails.
“We believe it is so important to step out of one’s comfort zone and give yourself the chance to test your different abilities. We can only determine what we are capable of if we try,” says Michelle.

So, after being strapped into our harnesses and given a short safety briefing, it was time for us to step out of our comfort zones and give it a go!
The laughter and chatter died down almost immediately when, one-by-one, we started climbing the ladder up to the first platform to start our adventure. The nerves had definitely set in.

There are 18 obstacles on the ‘easier’ course (a few more if you want to do the more challenging route) and each one starts on a platform that has been secured to a tree.
Then, you simply make your way from one platform to the next. Well, I use the term ‘simply’ quite loosely, as some obstacles are definitely more challenging than others!
It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you are balancing on a rope, high above the ground, and each different obstacle brings with it a new physical and mental challenge.

Although we were all together, encouraging one-another, giggling (and maybe throwing the odd expletive out now and then), each one of us experienced the obstacle course in our own way.

It was easier for some (like our designer Nicole who managed to lap us, even after doing the more challenging route) than for others, but it was undoubtedly a fantastic and rewarding experience for the whole team!

“We have helped many of our climbers push way past what they thought they could not do, and that is such a huge reward for all,” says Michelle. “It is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. It’s a growth environment and climbers always leave with a real sense of accomplishment and huge smiles!”

And that we certainly did! After finishing off with a fun zip line at the end, we sat down for a cold bottle of water and compared notes about which obstacles were the most challenging and which were easier.

Tree Trails is great activity for anyone with a sense of adventure. It’s great for all ages (although those under 8 years need to be accompanied by a parent) and almost all fitness levels – and it’s extremely safe.

There are trained guides patrolling the course at all times and they are quick to offer advice, guidance and encouragement if you need some help.
“What I hope people take away from their experience with us is that they are more capable and strong in ways they may not have realised, both physically and mentally. It is just so rewarding to encourage people to persevere when they have given up, and share the sense of achievement with them,” says Michelle.

Brendon agrees. “I hope people who come here realise that perseverance often trumps ability and quiet determination can get you through any obstacle in life – even if you’re not a natural at it.”

Details: www.treetrails.co.za, [email protected], @tree_trails21

Safety is paramount at Tree Trails. Every person is equipped with a fitted climbing harness with lanyards and snap hooks and you are trained how to use the equipment before you begin. It is a weather-dependant activity. Closed shoes are a must. Don’t wear skirts or dresses and make sure you tie your hair back. Gloves are for sale (R30) or you can bring your own! Cost is R250 per person. Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s better to book as bookings take preference. Customised groups and events can be catered for.
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