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Unusual extramurals…

While most kids get all they need from the ‘social standard’ after-school extramurals on offer, times are changing and your small humans might want to try one of the slightly more unusual after-school activities on offer these days … like these!

While it might not seem like a ‘typical’ extramural activity to encourage young boys and girls to take part in, boxing is a great full body workout for kids, which focuses on hand-eye coordination and aids kids with fitness and weight management. Passionate about his sport, Winston brings energy and fun to every session. He offers classes at Ashton International College in Ballito and at Ringside Boxing Gym in Umhlali.
Why should kids try out boxing?
‘It’s a great form of cardio and stress relief … and it’s loads of fun! I think kids enjoy my classes because of the energy I bring to each session. They can see the passion I have for the sport. It’s not just about exercising, it’s about being able to laugh and have fun with me in the boxing ring as well.
What type of child should try boxing? Any child can try out a boxing class. I have both boys and girls in my class and we start from as young as four years old.
Need to know: To take part in boxing classes with Winston, your child will need to have their own pair of boxing gloves. Group lessons (at Ringside Boxing Gym) are R150 (once a week), R125 (twice a week) or R100 (three times a week). Private (one-on-one) lessons are R200 (once a week), R175 (twice a week) and R150 (three times a week).
Details: Contact Winston Ngilazi, 071 928 0505, [email protected].

With some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country right on our doorstep, golf is a great extramural option for many kids. We caught up with Ryan Schierhout of McKenna Performance Academy, which is based at the Umhlali Country Club driving range and offers world-class golf coaching for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Why should kids learn to play golf? ‘Golf is a fun and challenging game that encourages kids to spend time outdoors. It also helps children with conversational, social and emotional skills and is a great way to make new friends. Besides being great exercise and good for hand-eye coordination, golf also improves kids’ confidence and self-esteem, builds character, teaches honesty, respect, discipline and patience, develops emotional control and encourages ‘quiet time’.
What type of child should try playing golf?
Golf can be played in groups or alone, so is a great game for both introverts and extroverts. It helps introverts become more confident and enhances concentration for active kids. There is no perfect age to start as all children mature at different times, but in most cases golf instruction can start from the age of five years old.
Need to know: Your child will need basic equipment to start playing golf, including a golf bag, clubs (driver, iron, wedge and putter), balls, tees and a ball marker. McKenna Performance Academy offers both individual (R350/hour) and group (R700/month) lessons and they offer holiday camps (R1 450 per person). All driving range balls and video analysis are included in pricing.
Contact Ryan: 082 784 0109 (WhatsApp), 082 784 0109, [email protected]

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While learning to swim and being water safe is a given for most kids growing up on the North Coast, learning to surf is at the top of the ‘to-do’ list for many as well. Ballito Surf School owner Janek Ferrandi started the school with a dream of sharing his love for the ocean with others. Based at Willard Beach in Ballito, he and his team of trained instructors offer a unique surf experience, from complete beginner to intermediate. We asked him about his school.

Why should kids learn to surf? ‘It’s a great way to spend time outdoors and connect with nature while being active. There are also great mental benefits. It improves alertness, awareness and confidence, as you are constantly in a state of active attention. When you are in this mind space you are present, either with yourself, nature or your friends.
What type of child should try surfing? Any child can start surfing, as long as they can swim comfortably, and a bonus would be if they have a love for the outdoors and the ocean. From our experience, the best age to start is between eight and ten years old.
Need to know: Ballito Surf School lessons cost R450 for a private lesson and R250 per person for a bundle of group sessions. They supply the equipment needed (surfboards, rash vests, wetsuits and sun cream), and all you need to bring is a pair of bathers, a towel and your stoke! Once you start improving and become a committed surfer, they will recommend a surfboard and gear suited to your ability (which you can buy from their surf shop – Ballito Surf Co).
Details: Contact Janek on 082 3306 216, www.ballitosurfschool.com, @ballitosurfschool

Everyone should know their way around the kitchen! And when better to start learning than when you are young? Red Chef Culinary School, situated at Redwood College in Umhlanga, aims to teach cookery skills to every person, regardless of their experience in the kitchen. They offer fully accredited and short-term courses, which train young learners to become professional chefs. Children learn the importance of practising personal and kitchen hygiene, handling food and kitchen safety precautions, and the main objective is to empower them with useful cooking skills.

Why should children learn to cook? Cooking is a valuable life skill that teaches children about food and nutrition. Children learn through practising and each child is given an opportunity to prepare, cook and serve the dishes … and clean up! By working together, our learners gain valuable communication skills and learn the dynamics of teamwork. Strengthening motor skills, learning basic cooking skills, math concepts such as counting, weighing and measuring ingredients will be part of our teaching concepts.’
What type of child does this activity suit? Red Chef’s classes are for any and every child. We aim to nurture healthy attitudes and a practised approach to food preparation. The youngest Junior Chefs Club members are five years old. Like any skill, the younger one starts to learn, the earlier one master’s it.
Need to know: Red Chef offers a variety of affordable courses that will suit any age group who have a passion or talent for cooking – and beginners who have aspirations in the art of cooking. They place emphasis on drawing out a love for food and developing a life-long skill.
Details: 078 512 3105 (call or Whatsapp),
[email protected],
FB @RedChefCulinarySchool

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