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Curl up with a great read this long weekend

There’s a public hol coming up … which is a damn good thing since I read TM Logan’s The Curfew, and loved it so much that I rushed out and bought some of his back titles. And … win, win … they were on special promo at Exclusive Books for R175 each.

First up … The Holiday. And don’t we all need one of those. Particularly with a group of friends in a luxury villa somewhere warm. Sounds idyllic. Kate and Sean thought so too, as they set off for a week long holiday in the South of France, with Kate’s best friends from university days, along with their husbands and children in Provence. The weekend was meant to be a celebration of the girlfriends’ 40th birthdays. But Kate suspects her husband is having an affair. And the other woman is one of these BFFs. And maybe they might kill to keep things secret. And as with all TM Logan’s books … the twist just comes out of nowhere!

There’s a massive twist in Trust Me, too … the story of Ellen, who helps a stranger with her baby on a train ride. But the woman jumps off the train, leaving Ellen literally holding the baby. Plus a bag, with a note telling her to trust no-one.  And then all hell breaks loose. Seriously gripping.

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Oh … and then The Catch. Imagine your daughter brings home the new love of her life … and announces they’re going to get married. Imagine, then, that you didn’t really like this new boyfriend. And you certainly didn’t trust him. No reason … just gut instinct. Always, always trust your gut! Last line’s a humdinger!

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