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Financial benefits of living on the North Coast

While many people consider coastal living a luxury, there are some significant financial benefits to living on the North Coast that have undoubtedly contributed to the rapid growth of the area. Entrepreneur, investor, author, YouTuber and all-round financial guru Justin Harrison recently relocated to Ballito. He shares his thoughts with us.

Passionate about numbers and building businesses, father of three Justin is, first and foremost, a family man. “We love animals, sport and nature and when I’m not working, I’m either spending time with my family or mates outdoors doing sport,” he says.
Justin has published eight books, runs three businesses and is best known for his popular podcast which is syndicated with both East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM.
With his focus firmly on the finance sector, Justin says it became apparent to him during lockdown that people needed to be financially re-educated. “This started our journey into YouTube, podcasting and TikTok, which has enabled us to reach thousands of people with real, tangible information.”

He and wife Andrea (who is also an author) decided to move to Ballito last year. “For the past ten years I’ve travelled from Hillcrest to the coast to surf or spearfish. When lockdown happened, I became very frustrated with not being close to the ocean. Living on the North Coast has greatly improved our work/life balance and proved to be one of the best decisions we ever made.”

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With ‘semigration’ and working from home becoming the new normal, the North Coast has become a popular destination for those looking for the perfect balance between work and living.
“This area not only offers some of the best weather in the country, but also offers amazing outdoor spaces and has loads of family activities – most of which are either free or very inexpensive compared to other parts of the country.”

So, although the cost of homes and rentals is definitely on the rise, Justin believes this is easily offset by the fact that most families on the coast save a small fortune on entertainment, as most tend to enjoy their free outdoor surroundings.
“However, for those who still enjoy shopping and eating out, the North Coast does not disappoint. From quaint little eateries to fine dining and boutique shopping, this area has it all within a very short distance. This means less travel time and less expense getting you to and from your favourite dining and shopping destinations,” says Justin.

And don’t forget exercise! Justin says most North Coast families tend to exercise outdoors as opposed to paying gym memberships, and a quick trip to the Ballito or Umhlanga promenades will reveal groups of people either doing yoga, walking, or running.
Another added benefit is our proximity to the King Shaka International Airport, which makes access and travel an absolute pleasure for both business and leisure. This also means the airport is an affordable Uber trip away.

“From a property investment perspective, the North Coast offers some of the highest annualised returns in the country, competing head-to-head with the Atlantic Seaboard. With a long-term track record of outperforming the average national growth statistics, real estate on the North Coast will continue to appreciate as demand grows.”

Finally, he says, the relatively well-maintained infrastructure as well as exceptional security, make it an ideal hub for any family, giving residents an enriched lifestyle at very affordable prices.

Details: Justin’s content is free on his website: www.globalmoneyacademy.com & platforms: TikTok: @moneytribe21, YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/globalmoneyacademy.

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