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Tips from an interior influencer

Having recently been chosen as one of Gateway Theatre of Shopping’s six official influencers, model, film student and social media content creator Lindiwe Dube is using the opportunity to share her passion for interior design.

She has close to 60 000 followers on Instagram and has appeared in numerous television adverts. Now 24-year-old Lindiwe is working hand-in-hand with one of the biggest malls in the country to showcase their offerings in the interior design space.
Originally from Westville, Lindiwe comes from a close-knit family and has three siblings. She is currently studying film, majoring in television producing and writing, and six years ago started growing her social media presence.

“At first it was something I started for fun and a way to share my experiences with the world. When I entered the radio space in 2016 (doing campus radio at the University of the Free State), the show I was doing quickly became the biggest breakfast show in Bloemfontein and we began using our social media platforms to interact with listeners.”
After that, Lindiwe branched into television adverts and began modelling for various brands. “That’s when my following really began started to grow. I decided to focus on my social media platforms and create content that would help people with ideas on where to go, what to do and new things to try out. I absolutely love it now. It’s such a powerful space if you use it correctly.”

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Lindiwe says her interest in interior design is something that has sort of just grown organically. “It has always intrigued me, and I realised that most of the photographs I was taking of the places I went to, were of the interior and decor. I really love interior design and started working with a few brands such as Lifestyle Ceramics and Rimas Interiors. I love sharing tips on how to put your home together, where to get great items and how to show your true personality in your home.”

Lindiwe says she is thrilled to have been chosen as one of Gateway’s six influencers and is excited about using this opportunity to showcase her love for interiors, collaborate with more brands in the sector and share tips on where to get items you never even knew you needed for your home.
“I’m going to share loads of tips and ‘hacks’ on how to make your home your sanctuary in collaboration with Gateway Theatre of Shopping. We’re talking decor, kitchen essentials, bedding and lots more.”

Lindiwe’s personal design style, she says, is quite minimalist. “My home represents me and when I arrive at home, I know I am entering a space that I love. I prefer neutral tones (they are very calming for me) and I’m also a low-key minimalist. Less is better!”

Lindiwe’s top three current interior décor trends:
• We all want to spend more time in our backyards, and I’m loving the new, luxurious lamps that have become a must-have accessory for outdoor tabletops. These aren’t just ordinary outdoor garden lamps – they are chic, contemporary and totally ‘luxe’.
• I love a good floor rug. They work in your home at any time of year and really define a space. A good quality, eye-catching print rug is always a winner – and they also come in a variety of unconventional shapes now as well, which adds an element of interest.
• Furniture with a ‘curved’ look and feel are very much in trend at the moment and add an element of ‘softness’ to a space – think curved couches and circular tables, or even curved corners within walls and cabinets. They have a lovely, stylish, softening effect on a space.

Details: IG: @lindiwe_doobear, @gatewayumhlanga

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