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From experienced general practitioners and homeopaths to highly skilled individual specialists, these are some of the top medical professionals in your neighbourhood.

Registered homeopath, childbirth educator & yoga instructor
Passionate about empowering women on their journeys through fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, Megan has made it her mission to serve the transition to motherhood by providing services in holistic healing, homeopathy, childbirth education, hypnobirthing and pre and postnatal yoga. “From teenage PMS to PCOS, endometriosis and fertility concerns, I guide you through your hormonal years, into menopause and beyond.” Megan believes women don’t have to suffer, or be on chronic medication, but just need to learn the tools to best support their metabolism, balance minerals, nourish adrenals and restore their nervous system so they can feel happy, healthy and strong. Details: Dr Megan Medina, 079 881 7199,

Dr Gaynor Cartwright is a registered chiropractor based in Umhlanga with over 20 years experience. A family-orientated chiropractor, she provides specialised and individual care across all ages in the family. “Chiropractic care can successfully treat many conditions which are nerve, muscle or joint related.
Such neuromuscularskeletal conditions can range from neck pain, headaches, lower back pain to shoulder, elbow or foot pain.” Dr Cartwright has a passion for paediatric, prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care and her treatment for infants and children is safe, gentle and effective for the management of a number of issues.

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Details: Suite 1, Lighthouse Quarter Mall, 14 Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga, 031 561 5184, 082 773 4491 (WhatsApp)


Chiropractors, North Coast Chiropractors
As we celebrate women’s month, Dr’s Khabonina and Zanelé want to let you know that gender doesn’t affect one’s ability to look after their patients, but rather offer a reminder that female chiropractors are strong, capable and passionate. Chiropractic adjustments require a skill of specific movement and speed, rather than ‘manly strength’, to be effectively achieved, meaning that female chiropractors can be just as successful. Don’t believe it? Book an appointment and find out for yourself (or any member of the family). Details: iZulu Office Park, Ballito, 087 354 9042, [email protected]

Doctors Megan Broughton, Laura Troskie and Jasmine Southgate make up Umhlanga General Practitioners. A family-orientated practice, their goal is to treat the whole family holistically and they have a special interest in women and child health as they are all (soon to be) new moms. Umhlanga GP’s manage acute and chronic conditions, geriatrics, anxiety and allergies, to name a few. They recently relocated the practice and look forward to seeing you there! Follow them on social media to see what they are getting up to or contact their friendly receptionist, Nerissa, to make an appointment. Details: Glass House Office Park, 309 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, www.umhlangagp.net, 031 880 5050, [email protected], IG @umhlangagp, FB: Umhlanga General Practitioners.

Reproductive medicine assistant & gynaecologist, VitalabKZN
Dr. Skye de Jongh completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Pretoria and went on to specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of the Witwatersrand. She also completed her Masters in obstetrics and gynaecology. Dr. Skye is passionate about reproductive medicine and helping patients create the families they have always dreamed of. She offers both gynaecological and reproductive services with world-class standards at VitalabKZN. She invites readers to join their women’s wellness morning on 27 August, aimed at all women – from daughters and moms to grannies.
Details: 2 Torsvale Office Park, Torsvale Crescent, Umhlanga Ridge, 031 880 1700, [email protected] www.vitalab.com, @VitalabSA, www.youtube.com/c/VitalabFertility

Dentist, The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium
Dr Meagan Carroll has a special interest in paediatric dentistry and loves working with children and families. She is passionate about creating good dental experiences right from the early ages of development, and alleviating the fear often associated with dentistry. Root canal’s are a ‘deep rooted’ passion of hers, and she loves how the new era of digital dentistry has transformed dentistry, specifically orthodontics. Dr Meagan loves the slow paced life of the North Coast and road tripping through SA with her young family on a search for the best foodie spots. Details: 032 586 3284, 082 836 0810, [email protected], www.ballitodentist.co.za, Suite 29 San Hall Office Park, Ballito.



Dentist, The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium
Passionate about digital cosmetic dentistry, specifically Clear Aligner treatment, smile makeovers and perfecting adult smiles to create a natural looking smile, Helena has a keen eye for detail and understands the balance between perfection and the nature of beauty. She believes in treatments that are minimally invasive and practices a holistic approach to both dentistry and aesthetics. Helena is passionate about building and maintaining long term relationships with her patients in her unique approach to beauty and life. Details: Suite 5 & 6, Mayfair on the Lake, 5 Park Lane, Umhlanga, 031 566 5121, 082 686 9122 (WhatsApp), [email protected], www.umhlangadentists.co.za



Optometrist and owner at Torga Optical, Ballito Junction, Cornubia Mall and KwaDukuza Mall
Sarisha is an experienced optometrist, providing high quality optometry care to all her patients. Adept in performing vision tests and accurately analysing results and diagnosing disorders, she is also experienced in diagnosing and treating vision problems such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia, as well as detecting cataracts and glaucoma. Sarisha carefully prescribes the care, treatments and medications needed to her patients to achieve optimal health, while staying true to her commitment to excellent vision and patient care. Sarisha enjoys childrens’ and sports’ vision and believes she has the best visual solution for all your needs.
Details: Torga Optical Ballito: 032 946 1416/7, Torga Optical Cornubia: 031 502 1658, Torga Optical KwaDukuza: 032 437 8436

Fertility specialist & gynaecologist, VitalabKZN
Dr Noluyolo ‘Yoks’ Sigcu specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology at UCT in 2005. She trained in reproductive medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital and obtained her certificate in 2016. She is passionate about finding solutions to infertility issues and believes there is always a way to reach one’s goals, the only question is how far you are willing to go. Dr Yoks practices from VitalabKZN, a world-class fertility clinic situated in Umhlanga, offering excellent reproductive care to patients. “At VitalabKZN we become your partner in health by offering a wide range of general gynaecological services as well as fertility treatments.” Details: 2 Torsvale Office Park, Torsvale Crescent, Umhlanga Ridge, 031 880 1700, [email protected] www.vitalab.com, @VitalabSA, www.youtube.com/c/VitalabFertility


Homeopath, The Well Centre Ballito
Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine which aims to bring the body back into balance on an emotional, mental and physical level. Dr Pramlall, a homeopath based at The Well Centre in Ballito, has been in practice for five years. She is passionate about women’s health and treats conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, menstrual irregularities, endometriosis and infertility. She also has a keen interest in treating anxiety and depression, focusing on treating the root cause of any ailment by using homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine is patient-specific, natural, gentle and safe enough for anyone to use.
Details: 087 4600 434, [email protected], www.drpratishapramlall.co.za


Dentist, Lock Dental
Dr Stacey Lock is a dentist with a special interest in orthodontics and paediatric dentistry. Her, Lock Dental, opened in August last year and is situated at The Well Medical and Dental Centre in Ballito. “My practice is family orientated and I am supported by a warm and dedicated team,” she says. Stacey recently invested in new technology and equipment to provide the best possible care for her patients. “My goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of my patients, from children to pensioners, as I believe oral health is an integral part of quality of life. I love being a dentist in Ballito and I really enjoy the lifestyle it offers!”

Details: The Well Medical and Dental Centre, Suite 2, Kirsty close, Ballito, 032 946 1901 / 066 120 8056 (WhatsApp), www.lockdental.co.za



General practitioner, PearlsMED
Dr. Rachel Shannon is a general practitioner based at PearlsMED in Umhlanga. In addition to her MBChB degree, she has a Masters degree in Biochemistry and is a published research author in the field of diabetes. Apart from her experience in diabetes, nutrition and weight loss, she is passionate about women’s health – from mental health to body-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Shannon is a mom of two young girls and loves treating all family members from babies to adults. She has an empathetic, compassionate nature and adopts a root cause analysis model when treating patients in a holistic and integrative manner.
Details: PearlsMED, Level 3A, Pearls Mall, Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, 0861 555 111,
www.pearlsmed.co.za, IG: Drshannon_gp


Registered dietitian, BeachMed
Bailey Kemper aims to meet the health and nutritional needs of her patients through implementation of sustainable changes. Both physical and mental health remain at the core of her practice, as she understands the pivotal role that nutrition has on mental health and all its contributors. From chronic illnesses, weight loss, PCOS, emotional eating and eating disorders to mental health and nutrition, Bailey helps to create a new health journey suited to you and your needs, where encouragement, accountability and empowerment are continuously applied to make this a successful journey for you and your life. Details: BeachMed, 33 Beachway, Durban North 072 992 2371, [email protected], IG: @baileykemper_dietitian, FB: @BaileyKemperRD

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