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In the month dedicated to celebrating women, we thought you’d like to get to know some of the most determined, successful and hardest working female businesswomen on the North Coast …

Founder and director of Loud Crowd Media, Fenella Rivalland, has harnessed her marketing savvy and wealth of experience to build a thriving full-service advertising agency. It takes grit and determination to prevail in this swiftly changing industry, a quality the company’s recent 10-year milestone exemplifies. Fenella fosters bright ideas, a zest for innovation and dynamic skills to keep her team at the forefront of both traditional and digital media. Umhlanga wife and mother to two fur babies, when she’s not brainstorming, chasing deadlines or involved with one of her charities, you will find her testing out the latest on the local dining scene. Details: 031 536 8224, 071 671 8388, @loudcrowdmedia   www.loudcrowd.co.za

MICHANE STEAD – Capital Legacy
Michane Stead is a team leader at Capital Legacy (Wills & Estates Specialists). The perfect example of how passion and focus can lead to success in all spheres of life, Michane has first-hand experience of how busy life can get as a working mom (of three!). She attributes her success to being the first one up in the mornings to prioritise her day, not over-thinking things and not stagnating. With having children comes the responsibility of getting your affairs in order. Michane can assist you in getting your Will drafted to protect your loved ones should anything happen to you. Details: www.capitallegacy.co.za

JANE BUTTON – Apogee Café
Jane Button is the owner of Apogee Café in Umhlanga Ridge. Having always had an interest in food, she was given the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen from a young age. Growing up on a farm, Jane says she learnt how to grow and appreciate fresh, local produce. After completing a BCom degree at the University of Pretoria she went on to Ballymaloe Cookery School to pursue her love of food. After a few years in the restaurant industry, she opened her café. Apogee has a small, simple menu with bagels, open sandwiches and freshly baked treats. It is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm and Saturdays and public holidays 8am to 12pm. Details: Apogee Cafe, 61 Zenith Dr, Umhlanga, 067 382 9056, @apogee_cafe

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DR TASH COLIA – Back in practice!
After completing her now very big family, general practitioner Dr Colia has returned to medical practice. One of the few GPs specialising in allergies, Dr Colia also has a wealth of experience in paediatrics and is involved in aesthetics (she even recently started hosting private ‘Botox and Bubbles’ parties!). With online consultations out of working hours, Dr Colia is always hard at work either in her thriving practice or at home, where she is a wife and mom of four (all under the age of four!). Dr Colia understands that balance is needed to succeed and quality time for yourself is important. Details: The Square Medical Centre, 031 566 7000, www.drcolia.co.za, 072 447 1923

SHARON CASTLE – Mindfit Coaching Academy
Sharon has been a life coach on a global level for the past 38 years. After seeing how much struggle there was during the pandemic, and wanting to do something that would help people realise they were not ‘broken’, she created the Mindfit Coaching Academy. “The world is reeling with the stress of loss on so many levels and I wanted to create a programme not only to guide people back to their infinite potential, but to help them to tap into their own divine wisdom.” The Awakening is a powerful 10-week programme for anyone who wants to step into a life of less stress and worry, and Mindfit Training is a comprehensive, six-month programme led by Sharon. Details: 083 449 5670, [email protected], www.mindfitlifecoaching.com/ FB: @SharonCastleHealingLifeCoach

Anna Downes is mum to two busy boys and the proud owner of her well known sleepwear brand. After a successful 10 years in the fashion and sleepwear industry Anna wanted to redirect her passion. Her bed has always been her sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax, and she wanted to create the same feeling for her children by sourcing products that were unique, high quality and timeless. The ultimate ‘self-care’ spoil for babies and adults. The Sleep House is an online store that ships across SA and the world. The Sleep House is your daily reminder to find beauty in every day. Details: @TheSleepHouse, [email protected], www.thesleephouse.co.za

Co-owners of Bella La Lupa, Daleen and Anke Gothe, decided to start their life-long dream three years ago. Their goal was to open a salon where women could come relax and unwind in a safe environment. “We as a team strive for excellence and are super proud of the quality of our nail and beauty treatments. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from our clients. In this industry it’s all about teamwork and we would not have been able to fulfil this dream without them. Details: 074 666 6666, New Salt Rock City, Salt Rock.

KITA VEALE – Homestead Décor
“We are so privileged as women to be able to wear so many different hats. One of the most fulfilling ones is having my own successful décor company Homestead Décor and being independent. My business is not a job – its my passion and I love what I do. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a before and after photo of a room/home and how our décor and rugs transformed the space.” Homestead Décor source a lot of their décor locally and import their signature Natural Fibre Rugs. They are open 8am to 4:30pm. Details: Shakashead Industrial Park, 078 422 4406 (sms for pin location), www.homestead-decor.co.za

“Lashing wasn’t always the plan, but looking back, it saved me from some of my darkest times,” says Lashed by Tash owner Natasha Koekemoer who left the corporate world to start her lash career four years ago. Natasha says that there have been lots of ups and downs, but these only forced her to work even harder at establishing herself in the industry. “I’m extremely proud and grateful to see strong, like-minded and successful business women in Umhlanga on a daily basis. They motivate me to continue reaching for my dreams. My advice to women is, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’!” Details: Lashed by Tash, 189 Ridge Road, Umhlanga Centre, Second Floor, Suite 4, 071 560 1577 (Whatsapp for bookings).

Taetim Smith – a mealtime management and feeding consultant – is a passionate mom of two and founder of Nyummies. From her successful frozen baby and toddler food business birthed a buzzing platform aimed at helping families navigate mealtime struggles and equip parents with the tools to get little ones through each stage of the feeding journey. Taetim offers consultations for families, both in person and online. Nyummies puts parents at ease, eliminating all the overwhelming guilt around feeding children and supports, guides and educates with love and understanding. Details: www.nyummies.com, @nyummies, 072 740 2323

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