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How to be a SUPER you every day, according to Bloem life coach Paolo Arcangeli

Value. It’s what we all want out of life. It’s what we strive for day in, day out. Bloem life coach Paolo Arcangeli has some great tips.

In some way or another, value is what we desire from almost everyone and everything that we come into contact with. But, just as much as we desire to receive value from others, the people in our lives have an equal right and need to receive great value from us.

The challenge comes into place when we are so often faced with a multitude of demands on our time, our effort and our resources, that it becomes difficult to see clearly or to even understand how to go about giving the best account of ourselves in every situation.

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When this happens, it is easy to end up short-changing both ourselves and the people who rely on us, leaving us feeling completely overwhelmed as we strive to give every person and every aspect of our lives the attention they deserve.

The truth of the situation is that despite what can seem like great external pressures bearing down on us, much of the anxiety and stress that we feel are not caused by outside factors at all, but rather by our own misunderstanding of what our value is and how best to
maximise it to its full potential in order to attain the results we wish to achieve.

Whether it’s at home, at work, or in our relationships, everything we do holds value. When we learn to better understand that value – our value – we can begin to build on it and grow it. We can then achieve truly remarkable results, as our results in life are directly proportionate to the value we offer. Knowing this, it becomes evident that we should all strive to take ownership of our value each and every day.

But, before we can do that, let’s first discuss just what value actually is and what it means to you. Firstly, your value is not determined by self-worth in any way, and nor is your self-worth determined by your value. Your worth is solely determined by your very existence, and is given to you by God, who loved you even before you were born into this world. Yes, you are priceless.

Your value is determined by the usefulness of your actions and how they affect others. True value lies in the act of giving, as no matter how skilled or gifted or competent or lovely or beautiful or profound someone or something is, nothing can hold any value at all unless
it is shared with others. The value that we hold is found entirely in the sharing of our goodness with those around us and the world at large, because the value isn’t directly in the giving, but in the receiving. To understand what your true value is, don’t just look at what you’re giving someone else, but strive to understand what it is that they are receiving.

We all take on multiple roles as we strive to balance our careers, family time, romantic relationships, personal time, spiritual growth and development, as well as leisure time, so we need to understand the value that is expected of us in each area of our lives, and in
each role that we play.

For example, a builder doesn’t just build a house, but creates a home for people. The value he offers is safety, security, a sense of stability and comfort. A teacher doesn’t just read text books, but she opens the minds of her students to a world of possibilities. The value that she offers is enlightenment, knowledge and endless possibilities.

A mother doesn’t just make a home for her family, but provides them with safety,  confidence and love. The value that she offers is love and care, and a sense of belonging.

So, now that we understand what value is, how do we identify what our value is and how do we take ownership of it? This is actually a lot simpler than you may think, and it all starts with answering the following three questions.

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