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Women on the Move: Meet Abet Faber

The world is run by WOMEN. Strong, brave, courageous, witty, kick-ass women. The City of Roses boasts some of the toughest, most compassionate and most inspiring female leaders you’ll ever come across. This month, Get It celebrates these leaders and their superpowers. Because, let’s face it, we’re not just businesswomen. We are mothers, daughters, caretakers, wives, cooks, cleaners, teachers and motivators. We are invested in our communities, and care for those who need a mother’s love. We look at the future while tending to the present with grace and attention to detail. We do it all, with added vava-VOOM for those extra curve balls life throws at us.

In this year’s Get It Women on the Move feature, Vodacom is at the forefront, celebrating this team of strong women with us. Visit www.vodacom.co.za for details on all it has on offer.

Meet Abet Faber

Abet Faber is one of the dynamic women working behind the scenes to provide South Africans with their beloved beverages – and she’s making a big impact while she’s at it!

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Abet is a unit manager at the Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA)manufacturing plant in Bloemfontein. “Basically, I manufacture the most loved beverage in the world, which is Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola products. We have world-class manufacturing facilities in
Bloemfontein, supplying to a large part of the country. Abet is loved by her co-workers and enjoys her job immensely. “I work for a fantastic company. Our company values people and this makes even the hardest day a good one. I work alongside the best people in the industry, and for that I’m extremely grateful.

“I face challenges every day, but I try to see every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.”

Abet works hard at creating an enjoyable working environment for herself and her  colleagues. She admits that her superpower is undoubtedly using her communication skills and her outgoing personality to make the workplace a place where people WANT to be.

When Abet is not at the office, she comfortably fits into the roles of mother, daughter, sister and friend. “I have two wonderful sons: Nico, who is studying Accounting at the UFS, and Gerhard, in grade 9 in Sentraal High School. My mom, Elzarina, and sister, Mariza, are angels in my life. I’m also blessed with a group of strong, gorgeous women whom I get to call friends.”

She has a love for cooking, and currently finds delight in Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook, Jamies’ Italy.

The biggest lesson she was taught by her parents, is to respect not only yourself, but those
around you. “They also taught me the importance of perseverance and believing in yourself.”



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