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Women on the Move: Meet Desiree van Schalkwyk

The world is run by WOMEN. Strong, brave, courageous, witty, kick-ass women. The City of Roses boasts some of the toughest, most compassionate and most inspiring female leaders you’ll ever come across. This month, Get It celebrates these leaders and their superpowers. Because, let’s face it, we’re not just businesswomen. We are mothers, daughters, caretakers, wives, cooks, cleaners, teachers and motivators. We are invested in our communities, and care for those who need a mother’s love. We look at the future while tending to the present with grace and attention to detail. We do it all, with added vava-VOOM for those extra curve balls life throws at us.

In this year’s Get It Women on the Move feature, Vodacom is at the forefront, celebrating this team of strong women with us. Visit www.vodacom.co.za for details on all it has on offer.

Meet Desiree van Schalkwyk

This bubbly blonde is an inspiring example of a dynamic woman who has risen above her circumstances to become a shining light wherever she goes. Desiree van Schalkwyk is a sales associate at Remax First, and considers herself not as working for Remax, but
being empowered by Remax!

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“Working in real estate is more than just acquiring houses to list and then selling them again. The moment that I meet with a client, be it buyer or seller, I want to make sure that I make a true connection with them. I love people and wisdom has led me to understand that there are many points of contact and emotions involved in buying a property.”

Desiree recognises the fact that she is not merely an agent, but fulfils many roles in her career. “I am a comforter when my clients are overcome with emotions; I work with them
through their finances and make sure they get pre-qualified; I am an interior designer in helping the vision of a house realise into a home. When you are an agent you wake up every morning ‘technically’ without a job and then in one day you become all these personalities.”

For Desiree, there are no words to describe the pure joy she derives from her career path. “I was created by God to do this – I love selling homes.” Life was hard for Desiree growing up. She lived in a caravan with her parents and five siblings, and when she was still very young, her parents abandoned them. “We were left homeless, and that’s why I have a passion for selling homes. I know what it feels like to be without one. I pray for every  single property that I deal with. Sometimes, it hits me hard when the sale of a house
is unsuccessful for some reason, as I’m touched by it on a personal level.”

Knowing what she is capable of and where she finds her strength, Desiree faces daily challenges of keeping all the balls in the air. But she does so with grace and an enormous smile on her beautiful face. “I work from dawn till dusk as there are no set times for agents. I have to deal with different elements in the buying and selling process, while
connecting with my clients and realising that each of them is on a different spiritual path in his or her life. I always try to leave someone happier and more fulfilled than when I first met them.”

In her work and personal life, Desiree’s biggest mission is to spread love and kindness.
Through many ups and downs in her life, she has experienced how God has coloured in her life with his grace. “He has filled me with LOVE. I therefor go the extra mile for my clients and my family, and I do so with His love. At the end of the day, I want my clients to trust
me with their homes, finances, and families, and know that I will always be transparent and honest.”

When Desiree takes a break from work, she loves to hibernate at home, spending time with her children, Lumé and Dihan. “I simply adore them and cherish the time that I have with them. My partner, Marc, is like no other person I have ever met. We have an amazing connection.”

Although Desiree doesn’t remember much of her parents, she recalls her mother always telling them never to lie. This lesson she took with her throughout her years in the orphanage and her adulthood. “I always strive to be an honest and reliable person. If you work with passion, your work will become your passion.”

“And remember, you can create your own happiness. Darkness is just an illusion – everything is temporary, so let your presence be like a sweet aroma you share wherever you go.”

[email protected] rst.co.za
www.remaxfi rst.co.za

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