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Women on the Move: Meet Shindre-lee Simmons

The world is run by WOMEN. Strong, brave, courageous, witty, kick-ass women. The City of Roses boasts some of the toughest, most compassionate and most inspiring female leaders you’ll ever come across. This month, Get It celebrates these leaders and their superpowers. Because, let’s face it, we’re not just businesswomen. We are mothers, daughters, caretakers, wives, cooks, cleaners, teachers and motivators. We are invested in our communities, and care for those who need a mother’s love. We look at the future while tending to the present with grace and attention to detail. We do it all, with added vava-VOOM for those extra curve balls life throws at us.

In this year’s Get It Women on the Move feature, Vodacom is at the forefront, celebrating this team of strong women with us. Visit www.vodacom.co.za for details on all it has on offer.

Meet Shindre-lee Simmons

This dynamic student of the UFS is definitely not built for an office chair. She’s in her happy place outside on the hockey field – that’s why she’s the captain of the Kovsie Ladies’ first
hockey team.

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“It’s my responsibility to lead my team diligently to reach their individual goals as well as the team’s goals and aspirations. “I have been entrusted to support my team and through this create a link between the team and management.”

As a lover of all things action-packed and adrenaline-filled, taking on the leading role of such a talented team of players is a dream come true for Shindre-lee. “Not only do I get
the amazing opportunity to lead my team to and through victories – my team and I also form an unbreakable bond and friendship with people from different backgrounds and places. We work tirelessly through difficult trials, allowing us to reap our rewards with humility and gratitude.” She adds that without trust, there is no team. “It’s definitely one of the biggest and most impactful things in a team.”

Shindre-lee regards herself as an exceptionally hard worker (early mornings and late evenings of physical training and practice do not always come easy!) and maintains a  positive attitude towards her life and goals. “This all is made possible through continuous support from team members, my parents, friends and family.”

Aside from being team captain, Shindre-lee also enjoys outdoor activities with friends, reading a good book and coaching hockey at several girls’ schools in Bloem.


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