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Men with Momentum: Meet Niko Stergos, Peter Grivas and Georgios Stergos

Dynpro Properties specialises in selling commercial and residential properties, new developments, farms and businesses in and around Bloemfontein.

Dynpro’s agents are available at all times and their prompt response leads to an increased level of trust and respect.

Georgios Stergos is the principal of the company. “I take my responsibility towards the company and agents very seriously. I constantly strive not only for the agency to grow, but for every individual to reach their potential.”

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This dynamic trio work together as part of a team, sharing their passion for selling,  reaching their potential and growing the business. The integrity of the Dynpro team, which is the result of their honesty, fairness and authenticity, combined with the intent to care and be open and transparent in all business dealings, result in the trust of their loyal clients.

To Niko, doing what his passion is, is doing what he loves. Seeing clients succeed, prosper and grow in wealth, to him as business broker means achievement. The loss of his father was a challenging moment for him, but to Niko, his true mentor is his Heavenly Father whom he constantly consults.

Peter Grivas believes that buying property is one of the most important investments anyone will make. That’s why he’s passionate about assisting his clients with the important
decision of selling and buying the right property. His biggest mentors are people who never say die, the kind of people who have gone from “rags to riches”. He has great admiration for Richard Branson and the founder of the McDonald’s group, Ray Kroc.

When asked about how the business started, Georgios recalls how he bought the agency from Diana Jacobs, starting in 2006. In 2013 he achieved the qualification of Master Practitioner in Real Estate. What many people do not know about him, is that he studied Hotel Management at the Hotel School in Bloem and graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management from the CUT. He regards his internship at the Palace of the Lost City as invaluable, stressing how the director, Philip Georgas taught him humility. “In a stressful
situation, Philip Georgas stepped up, rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty. He changed my way of thinking”, Georgios says.

Peter specialises in commercial and business sales, as well as the letting of commercial property in Bloemfontein. He regards steadfast principles as extremely important in this industry and highly values the EAAB’s code of ethics and conduct. He is of the opinion that his years of valuable business experience as a restaurant owner, combined with his three years’ experience of maintenance and letting management, has prepared him for his
position at Dynpro.

Niko boasts a Sales & Marketing and Financial Management Diploma through Unisa, ventured on his own in 1998 and opened the first Panarottis Pizza Pasta franchise in the Free State, moving from one successful venture to the next. In 2010 he joined his brother in the real estate industry and today has obtained the EAAB’s professional qualification.
Georgios’ advice to young professionals is: “Every champion was once a contender. If you fall down, always get back up. Know your product better than your competitor, but always treat everyone with respect. Always stay true in the dark, and humble in the spotlight.”

Niko adds: “Do what you love daily and you will prosper. Your biggest success and encouragement words should be: ‘I can, I will’. Words like ‘I can’t’ don’t exist.”

Peter believes in setting daily, weekly and annual goals for yourself. “Always have integrity and believe in yourself. Never give up. Failure is success in progress, so don’t be afraid to make a mistake.”

When it comes to family life, Niko says, “ My biggest pride and joy is my family, my wife and my daughter. The word ‘us’ is the most important word in my vocabulary.”

To Peter spending time with his loved ones means watching a movie together, eating out or sharing a traditional homemade communal meal created by all, followed by a board or card

Georgios regards family as the foundation of everything. “I am what I am today because of my family, because of the love, support and prayers of my parents.”

Online: dynpro.co.za

Niko Stergos: 082-800-4598

Peter Grivas: 082-779-9053

Georgios Stergos: 082-415-9491

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