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The Playground in Westdene is literally every mom’s dream come true

Mommies with babies and toddlers – listen up. We’ve found your new favourite spot in Bloem.

The Playground in Kellner Street is the brainchild of mom-of-two, Tessa Savva, and it’s a game-changer in the world of parenthood. “I have always wanted to find a place where I can relax while my kids are having fun. And what if I could be productive and get things done at the same time… How amazing would that be?” –which gave way to the birth of The Playground.

The Playground owner, Tessa Savva, and her two sons

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The Playground is a hub that focuses on moms (or dads) and kids. Parents can get their daily sweat session at the gym (The Studio), have their beauty treatments done (Posh Lab Westdene) or have a bite to eat (Blacksheep Café) – all while their kids are playing under supervision at the centrally located play area. You can keep an eye on them yourselves, with 360 views of the play area from basically anywhere, and strategically placed TV screens with live feed from the play area. Furthermore, the play area is controlled by magnetic gates (keeping those busy rugrats contained in one space as far as possible), and kids are tagged, which triggers an alarm as soon as they exit the premises. So, you know where your children are at all times. There are always two child minders working per shift, too. They are trained and have all completed level 1 first aid training.

Jungle gyms, toys and other items included in the play area are not your average neon coloured, plastic slides and ladders. They are mostly made from wood, cleverly designed and pose appropriate challenges to kids as they climb, run, play and engage in themed games (encouraged by fantasy play areas).

Tessa, who has a background in teaching, hand-picked each contributor to the premises according to the needs that she, as a mother, and many other parents, have. “As new moms, we often put our own needs – be it beauty, health or a social in nature – on the back burner, simply because it’s too difficult to find childcare while we have our hair done. Or it’s nearly impossible to be accompanied by tiny humans when we drink coffee, exercise or get waxed. The setup at The Playground solves all these problems. “The venue also includes a chiropractor (Dr Marlise Roodt), Biolink Attention Training, and BioGraphix web, graphics and media company (and by the way, mom, BioGraphix does amazing designs for kids’ birthday parties, baby showers and christenings!).

The Studio, owned by Tessa herself, is all about creating a healthy, uplifting, judgement-free and inspiring environment for people to get fit and strong, using functional training. “Remember, the services we offer at The Playground are not only for mommies, but for anyone! The kids focus just makes it a lot easier for parents,” adds Tessa.

The Studio’s three highly skilled trainers, Guy Conry, Adéle van Aswegen and Robyn Schoeman, are there from 5am till 7pm to offer functional training classes every day. Dance and other movement classes for kids and adults are available at The Studio and include ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, yoga, Zumba and GymJam (a kids’ gymnastics-based program designed by child kineticists).

“Remember, the services we offer at The Playground are not only for mommies, but for anyone! The kids focus just makes it a lot easier for parents.”

Posh Lab Westdene is managed by the beautiful Palesa Matsepe and Kele Seleka, and owned by super businesswoman, Sue Watson. They focus on nail, hair and beauty… and let me tell you, new mommies – you NEED to relax and pamper yourself every once in a while after experiencing labour, sleepless nights, crying babies and temper tantrums! Am I right?

Posh Lab management: Palesa Matsepe and Kele Seleka (managers) and Sue Watson (owner)

Another great service offered by Posh Lab, is pamper parties for children. Oh, how they love this. What a great idea for a birthday party, mother-and-daughter date or special treat. They do Little Ladies Makeup, they offer the popular fish spa (which kids absolutely love) and hand and nail treatments for young and old.

The best of all? Posh Lab is open every weekday until 9pm, Saturdays until 5pm and Sundays until 4pm. Talk about flexibility and availability in a world that demands the absolute most of us as moms… Perfect. “We really want to touch lives through what we do at Posh Lab. Our focus is to leave a lasting impression on our clients, and to help them unwind through our professional services,” says Palesa.

You can have a massage or treatment done while keeping an eye on your child via the live camera feed inside the spa

“We really want to touch lives through what we do at Posh Lab.”

The Black Sheep Café is owned by Nick and Shane Pretorius (who also own Ocean Basket and Braza at Loch Logan Waterfront), and is managed by Nick Pretorius. “I have been searching for the right people to really understand my vision for The Playground, and the dreams that I had for it. Black Sheep Café is spot on with its offering to customers. I’m not exaggerating when I say that ALL their meals are delicious,” says Tessa. They also offer party packages for kids’ birthday parties that fit each pocket and budget.

Manager Nick Pretorius and the Black Sheep Café staff

It may sound simple but being able to fit in your hour’s exercise, have coffee with a friend or getting your nails done while your baby or toddler is well looked after and has the time of his/her life, can be a total game changer in the life of a mom. We sure believe so. And with its central location, safe parking (24-hour security) and lively atmosphere, we’re excited about the uplifting community of parents, kids and friends it has created. Be a part of it.


Take a peek and experience it for yourself, whether you’re a mom or not! They’re located at 76 Kellner Street, Westdene.

Phone: 076-781-9228.

Facebook: The Playground.

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