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New and exciting things happening at Dental @Mediclinic Bloemfontein

In with the new, while keeping the old! A winning combination of familiar faces and brand new talent awaits at Dental @Mediclinic Bloemfontein.

Dr Jaycee Combrinck and Dr Lynette Jordaan have been working together at their dental practice in Mediclinic Bloemfontein for 25 years. A lot of us will remember visiting their practice as kids, and now taking our own kids to see them for a friendly consultation and
expert care. Dr Pieter Kasselman joined their team a decade ago, and today they are welcoming dentist, Dr Carmen Thöle, and oral hygienist, Ingrid Manser, to the practice. Dr Carmen specialises in aesthetical dental care, and loves working with children.

“I would describe myself as a person bursting with a zest for life and a passion for many things such as my friends, family, adventure, travelling, doing good in the world and most
importantly, bringing healthy and happy smiles to each and every patient I have the pleasure and honour of treating,” says Carmen.

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Her goal is to debunk the stigma of people being afraid of the dentist. “I really want to change our bad reputation by treating each and every patient with empathy, gentleness and to make them feel as comfortable as possible. As a young woman dentist, I have sympathy with patients who are scared of their dental visit, and I strive to make it something to remember – for the RIGHT reasons!”

Carmen grew up in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, and had the privilege of becoming a Rotary Exchange Student in Germany for a year. Back in SA, she studied dentistry at the University of Pretoria.

During her two years in private practice in Bloemfontein, Carmen has attended additional courses on implantology, aesthetic dentistry (Botox and fillers) and laser dentistry. She is planning on doing a post-graduate diploma in endodontics next year.

“For me, dentistry is about improving a person’s quality of life, general health and state of mind. Restoring someone’s smile with ‘Hollywood pearly whites’, treating a small child with toothache or helping to restore function by providing someone with new false teeth are all
very different, but just as important to ensure people’s well-being.”

“For me, dentistry is about improving a person’s quality of life, general health and state of mind.”

Dental Hygienist Ingrid Manser has been master of her craft for a whopping 35 years, and is excited to start her journey at Dental @ Mediclinic. Her years of experience in training within schools, clinics and official institutions contributes to her love for her job and patients. “For me, starting a new career with this practice, means that I can live out my passion in an environment where loyalty, knowledge, new technology and caring are main
priorities. What a blessing!“ Ingrid has a passion for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation and loves supporting their oral well-being during this trying time.

At Dental @ Mediclinic Bloemfontein, the patients are treated with state-of-the art dentistry. They are offered general dentistry, aesthetic dentistry with chair-side, same-day crown milling and placement, teeth whitening, paediatric and geriatric dentistry, as well as implantology and orthodontics.

Carmen is extending her consultation hours until 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays to off er patients the opportunity for a dental visit if they cannot make it during office hours. Since September is Oral Health month, Dental @ Mediclinic Bloemfontein is hosting an Oral Health Week from the 16th to the 20th of September, providing free oral screenings to patients. New patients are welcome.


Dr Combrinck – 051-444-3024
Dr Kasselman – 051-444-0284
Dr Jordaan – 051-444-0283
Dr Thöle/Manser – 051-011-2569

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