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Must have medicine cabinet essentials for your little one

Every mom knows that your medicine cabinet should be stocked for those 3am aches, fevers and pains. Here are some of Chantelle van der Bijl’s (Bloem MomDoc on Facebook) essentials to have and some pointers on how to use them.

Paracetamol / Panado / Calpol – for pain and fever. It is called the GPs choice for a reason! It must always be your first line of treatment for a fever and pain. Remember, by giving paracetamol with other pain meds, it potentiates the effect, so you will get a better response from both. For children below three months, consult with your GP first before giving it. Always check if you use combination syrups (like Stillpane, Sinumax, etc.) that they do not contain paracetamol, otherwise your will overdose your child.

Neurofen / Ibuprofen / Ponstel – Also a good medicine for pain and fever. To only be given from six months. Try not to give it if your little one might be dehydrated or behind on fluids. It can cause some kidney damage in that case. These can be combined with paracetamol.

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Allecet / Cetrizine syrup – A good antihistamine for allergies. It is nonsedating and usually a daily dose. I prefer it over Allergex (it makes you sleepy) and has to be given three times a day.

Sinumax Ped – My go-to if my toddler has a stuffy or runny nose. Bear in mind it contains paracetamol, so don’t add regular paracetamol as well. To be used from two years.

Prospan – A herbal cough syrup that can be used from birth.

Sterimar – My favourite saline nasal spray for blocked noses. Can be used from birth.

Iliadin nasal spray/drops – A good decongestant for a blocked nose. Not to be used for more than three to five days. This is very important, as it can cause worse blockage if used longer, and they become dependent on it.

Probiflora Junior – A daily probiotic to keep things in balance. Good to use with a runny stomach.

Bactroban ointment – For cuts that might be an infection risk. Don’t use it routinely for cuts, as you can create resistance by using it if there is no indication.

Lacson syrup – A laxative safe for kiddies.

Glycerine suppositories – For the constipated little ones.

Dilinct cough syrup – A cough suppressant for a dry cough. Remember, a cough is a reflex, so you don’t want to suppress it. So only use it if the cough is totally dry and the cough really messes up your toddler’s sleep. From two years.

Linctopent – Good cough syrup for loosening phlegm and can be used from infancy.

Sinupret – A herbal preparation for sinusitis and infection.

Smecta – A good binding agent when your little one has diarrhoea. You never give an anti-diarrheal to kids, but this one is safe as it does not stop the diarrhoea, but binds it instead.

Antifungal cream – For Candida nappy rash.

Antipeol ointment – My saving grace for any nappy rash. Highly recommended and it has not failed me once.

Scopex / Hyospasmol syrup – For stomach cramps. Can be used from one month.

Burnshield – For emergency treatment of burns.

Panamor suppositories – Same class of ingredient as Neurofen. So not to be used with Neurofen/Ponstel. Remember, suppositories are not more effective than oral syrup. They are to be used as a backup if your little ones can’t keep their medicine down.

Empaped suppositories – Paracetamol is the active ingredient. Again do not use it if you have given paracetamol orally. Always check other syrups to see if it does not contain paracetamol.

Valoid syrup – From one year of age for nausea. Good to be used for a long car trip if they are prone to motion sickness.

Andolex C gel – A numbing gel to be used on gums to relieve teething pain.

Prodol – For painful gums when teething. Do not exceed application as stated on the leaflet.

Anthisan / Allergex ointment – For those itchy mosquito bites.

Rehydrate – Rehydration fluid for cases of diarrhoea.

When in doubt about which medication to use, the best is always to consult with your GP or paediatrician.

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