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How to plan your romantic indoor picnic for Valentines Day

An indoor picnic can become a lifesaver if inclement weather or other factors should arise or a date night at a restaurant fails. An indoor picnic is not only intimate, but ensures minimal distractions.


Living room decoration

Eating while sitting on the floor is definitely not as comfortable as at the dinner table but nothing a few pillows, throw overs and even a comforter can’t fix. Lay a white comforter on the floor with stylish throw over blankets from the couch or bed. Add as many pillows as you wish. Decorate with a cheeseboard with all your favourite delicacies and light up a few candles to create an ambiance. In either a vase or jam jar, you can create a flower
arrangement using your favourite flowers for decoration. Add greenery such as leafed plants to complete the look. You can even print out images of you and your partner as part of the deco.


Setting an ambiance for an indoor picnic is all about setting the right atmosphere. Create a playlist of songs you both enjoy which holds a sentimental value. Lighting plays a big
role in setting the tone of the place. Switch off most of the lights in the area where you’ll be having the picnic and light up the scented candles. Besides using scented candles to add
an enveloping scent, you can also buy diffusers to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Picnic friendly foods

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Choose foods that are portable, won’t make a mess but are still filling. Prepare a salad in a
jar and add all your favourites. Rather add the dressing at the bottom of the jar first
to prevent your salad from becoming soggy. Have your cheese board ready with all your favourite cold meats and cheese and serve with freshly baked bread. You can also pour different types of sweets or nuts into jam jars. Order pizza or prepare savouries
and chicken and dish them out on a cute plate. A picnic is not complete without an old school picnic basket. For dessert, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create heart shapes out of fruits and cookies. Prepare your other half’s favourite dessert. Celebrate your
love with champagne or a bottle of wine. For non-drinkers, opt for a nonalcoholic
sparkling wine or flavoured water infused with cucumbers and mint. Make enticing mocktails using your favourite drinks and fruits.

Play games and activities

Playing games is a fun feature to add and makes the evening relaxed and light. Think of games you would enjoy playing together such as card games, guess the movie or even have a karaoke session.


Text by Wandile Jama

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