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Moors has become a beloved store in Bloemfontein

Moors has become a beloved little store for the locals of Bloemfontein. A unique store, filled with the most beautiful items that one won’t be able to find in major chain stores, Moors is one of a kind.

In 2018, Marco Moors, founder of Moors, took the leap of faith and is not sorry for one minute that he did. “It is a personal shop for me, doing business in an ethical way, selling only local products in an environmentally friendly manner by using recycled brown paper bags and not plastic bags, encouraging clients to use class jars and refills rather than single use plastic containers,” says Marco.

Moors is an extremely personal place for Marco because all the items in the store are personally curated by Marco and his business partner, Ruaan. Marco and Ruaan believe that South Africa has so much talent to offer, and therefore would like to give them the opportunity to shine bright. “Our top sellers are local Free State artists who make the most unique and beautiful jewellery, namely Muga Muga and Net ‘n Kameel,” says Marco. Another brand that does really well is CoralBloom, started by owner, jewellery and sketch artist, who has recently adapted by manufacturing face masks in the  time we are currently living in. These masks, as a bonus, have wire across the nose for a better fit and to prevent one’s glasses from fogging up.

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At Moors, one should feel at home and inspired by all the local talent and beautiful creations around you. Moors has currently expanded their online presence and started selling essential goods and related products which they have identified through various sales channels. “We have invested significantly into our online website and online presence and invite local talent to make contact in order for us to promote their various product offerings,” says Marco.

“Hope is not cancelled and we will get through this stronger than before. All businesses should innovate, create and adapt, and will, in turn, thrive. But what is most important, is to keep supporting local!”

“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow” – Oprah Winfrey.

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