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How to wear bling this season with Angels Boutique owner Hermien Pretorius

This year may have been a disenchanting one but New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be. Hermien Pretorius, owner of Angels Boutique, gave us a few great ways to create a festive outfit that’s not only trendy but glitzy too. Cheers to that… let’s say goodbye to 2020 in style!

Be bold

Sequins, satin, faux-leather and animal print are always great options. Wear them together for a funky and fun outfit or separate for an amazing focus piece. Whether it’s a leopard-print skirt with a sequin top, pleather skinny pants with a sequin top or printed T-shirt, or a sequin pencil skirt with an oversize knitted top… have fun, play around with unexpected combinations. Sequins in particular will add a pop of delight that you will love.

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Accessorise to delight

If you are not yet daring enough to steal the limelight with a blinged out top, dress or skirt, try a cute little sequin clutch bag, hairclip or bracelet instead to take your outfit to dazzling new heights. A beautiful, sparkly necklace or pair of earrings can also make a statement in a subtle way.

Sneakers are in

If you, like me, grew out of the habit of wearing heels during the Covid-19 pandemic, then the sneaker is the new heel. Shake up your New Year’s Eve party with a sparkly sneaker or dress down your cocktail dress with a pair of nifty sneakers. The aim of the night is to have fun!

Try a one-piece

A jumpsuit, long or short, is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. It’s versatile, comfy and easy to bling up for a night on the town. Also because it’s an entire outfit in one, you can easily create a standout look without breaking the bank.

Add some edge

A floral dress, whether long and flowy or short and foxy, looks great with a pair of animal print mules or heels. Throw in a pleather biker jacket to edge-up any outfit.

“Whether you decide on a satin skirt and printed T-shirt or comfy jeans and a camisole, do yourself a favour and add a little bit of sparkle… it’s New Year’s Eve after all! Let’s dress up in our mooi-moois and give ourselves something to celebrate.”

“We all need something to look forward to in these trying times, so even if you’re doing a small intimate family affair or going out (in a very responsible way, of course) to celebrate 2021, we can make an eff ort to do it with a bit of bling,” says Hermien.

Accessories are the key to adding sparkle to any outfit without overdoing it. Here are a few amazing pieces from Angels Boutique that will make your next #ootd a stunning one:

Sequin moon bag, R320, can go with a pair of jeans and a crop top just as well as with a summer dress and sneakers.

Scrunchies, R48 each, will put a spark into any look. Wear a top with a similar colour tone to make your updo really stand out.

Bling string bracelet, R150, will give a versatile twist to your look. It can complement an all-black outfit while adding edge to a white co-ord.

Belt, R175, you’ll look and feel like a million rand with this golden cincher around your waist. Wrap it around a muted tiered dress to stay on trend.


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