Home People Men with Momentum: Louis Lötter, Intern Estate Agent at RealNet Bloemfontein.

Men with Momentum: Louis Lötter, Intern Estate Agent at RealNet Bloemfontein.

Louis Lötter, who will qualify as a full status agent at the end of 2021, has won two awards during the years he has been at RealNet – the 2018 Most Motivated Rookie of the Year Award, and the 2019 National RealNet Top Rookie of the Year.

Louis was brought up in Kimberley, where he is still very involved at the local old age home. He shares that he has had a different outlook on most things since a young age. “I felt more mature than my friends and took on numerous responsibilities at a very young age.”

He started working at a butchery at the age of 14 and says, “I became passionate about interacting with people. This passion is what still drives me today.” It also played a big role in achieving his diploma in Agriculture. After obtaining his diploma, he went on to manage a number of dairy farms, where he acquired a very diverse skill set.

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He regards his best decision so far to be relinquishing the security of a financial income, “opting to rely on my own input for greater rewards”. He jokingly adds his worst decision has to be his ongoing relationship with food.

What Louis enjoys most about his job, is dealing with people. “This industry provides me with ample opportunities to serve the clients I deal with. This includes people at various stages in their lives and from various backgrounds. No two clients are the same, enabling me to be as resourceful as possible, endeavouring fulfilling both their mandate and expectations.” What Louis does, is to make his clients happy, because “a happy client is a repeat client”. He ensures his clients are happy by doing preparation that will ensure the client is legally protected from the numerous pitfalls which could occur during the buying and selling process. “Should it be a purchasing process, I do my best to present the best possible matching properties to my client.” When asked who his biggest inspiration is, he replies, his late mother. “My late mother was by far the greatest inspiration in my life. She became ill at a young age when both my sister and I were only young children. She remained a totally positive person throughout the hard times. She was the epitome of a good mother, wife, entrepreneur, and Christian leader in the community.”

Louis has always loved himself the way he is, but he has always strived for improvements as that will make him the best person he can be. “Always standing up stronger than before is one of the habits that have made me successful.”

Another habit that contributes to Louis’s success is his ability to change into positives all the negatives that life throws at him. He also believes that positives things are always around the corner, which is why he never gives up.

Louis has a broad spectrum of things he enjoys doing when not working. He makes time to cook and entertain his friends. He also enjoys gardening, being outdoors and keeping abreast of current developments in the world.

“Despite being on call for extended hours in this industry, I try to make time to do the things I love.” He adds jokingly that a good whiskey would also always suffice.

“What I would tell newcomers to the industry, is to never give up, do the work every day and the results will follow.”

Get in touch:

083 688 6640

Text by Corn Koteli

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