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Men with Momentum: BetterBonds

Jared Pretorius: Bond Specialist at BetterBond Home Loans

Jared believes it is every South African’s aspiration to own a home of their own. So a successful day for him, is when he is able to inform a client that the bond financing applied for has been approved and that the family will soon be able to move into their dream home.

As a bond specialist, Jared strives to guide clients through potentially complicated processes and handle any complications on their behalf.

He is a firm believer that if one does the hard yards right now, one will reap the benefits thereof at a later stage. It is also important to learn from those in your circle with more experience than yourself.

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As a soccer and F1 fan he draws his inspiration from Christiano Ronaldo. “He is the perfect example of somebody pulling himself up, overcoming poor circumstances and achieving a completely different life – because of a great attitude, lots of talent and plenty of guts.” Attitude in life is everything!

A day at the office for Jared means assisting people who want to enter the property market and who require bond/ mortgage financing. “I am able to pre-qualify prospective home buyers even before they begin searching for their first home, as this gives them buying power and confidence that their bond will be approved once they have found a property.”

Once pre-qualified, a buyer can easily jump to the front of the queue when making an offer to a seller. It is not always all work and no play for Jared as he enjoys the finer things in life, such as relaxing with his fiancée, watching movies, travelling and just simply recharging his batteries.

His positive attitude towards life has helped him focus on the good things that life has to offer.

Get in touch:

082 317 1140

[email protected]

Francois Swart: Bond Consultant at BetterBond

Francois Swart, who specialises in commercial property transactions, has always prioritised understanding his clients’ needs and considers these needs by thoroughly analysing and coming up with solutions to all aspects of a transaction, adding value at all times. He enjoys building strong relationships and focusing on client service.

There is not a specific defining moment that stands out for Francois as he really enjoyed his childhood, particularly participating and excelling in various sports.

Francois prides himself in the fact that he has more than 35 years of banking experience, with the last 10 years as a private banker specialising in the medical market. The knowledge he has gained over the years assists him daily, especially with understanding the market and adding value to their clients.

The best decision Francois has ever made, was to move to Bloemfontein in 1993, as this has enabled him to raise his children in a wonderful city and tranquil environment. Dedication, hard work and accuracy keep Francois grounded and focused. He adds that he is inspired by his Creator, and his wife and family mean the world to him. He also pays tribute to the current leadership at BetterBond.

In times of doubt he falls back on his faith and prayer, and trusts that his own knowledge and experience will carry him through. He enjoys his time off by doing, as he says, what a typical Free Stater would do: braai. He also loves cooking and when possible, he breaks away for a weekend of camping and spending time in nature. If there is time to do so, Francois also enjoys playing some social golf.

His motto in life is, “Believe in yourself! Show confidence in what you are doing and never stop learning and improving yourself.”

Get in touch:

Cell: +27 (0) 82 44 44 680

Tel: +27 (0) 51 430 7888

[email protected]

Text by Sazly Hartzenberg and Justine Fortuin

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