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Men with Momentum: Cure Day Hospitals Bloemfontein

Professor Wayne Marais: Ophthalmologist

Professor Wayne Marais is a part-time private specialist in Ophthalmology at Cure Day Hospitals Bloemfontein. He is also the Head of Department of Ophthalmology and Deputy Head of the School of Medicine at university of the Free State. Prof. Wayne also chairs the Prevention of Blindness Board.

Prof. Marais specialised in various medical fields before he moved on to Ophthalmology. He says it had to be a plan orchestrated by God, because one’s vision is such a special and unique thing, it is ultimately the gateway to our souls and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the joy and gratitude in his patients’ eyes once he has restored their sight.

A moment that defines him, dates back to his primary school days when someone told him that he would never become a doctor. This lit a fire under him. He became more determined and worked harder to fulfil his dream.

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The best decision Prof. Marais has made is to specialise in “the queen of all specialities, Ophthalmology”. He always lives by Proverbs 16:3: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” This is his guideline when making decisions.

This dedicated ophthalmologist pays tribute to his parents for raising him in the ways of the Lord, as that laid the foundation for how he lives his life. His wife also plays a huge role in his life as she is always by his side, no matter what. He completely puts his faith in God and puts Him first in everything he does. This helps him remain focused and determined.

In his spare time, Prof. Marais enjoys spending time with his children and when he gets a chance, he goes to the ocean where he feels closer to God. When in doubt, he turns to God, his Lord and fortress, his El Shaddai and provider. He quotes Proverbs 6:3-6: “I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.” He believes that nothing is impossible with God by his side.

Get in touch:

Suite 207, 2nd Floor, Cure Day Hospitals Bloemfontein, 29 Poole Street, Brandwag

051 444 2585

Dr Charles van Niekerk: Maxillofacial Oral Surgeon

Dr Van Niekerk is involved in trauma and pathology associated with head and neck surgeries. Maxillofacial surgeons are trained to handle a variety of conditions and injuries to the neck, head, mouth, jaw and face.

Dr Van Niekerk currently runs the Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery unit at Pelonomi Tertiary Hospital, Bloemfontein, while he also has a private practice at the Free State Medical Centre.

Dr Van Niekerk, when asked what he enjoys most about his work, answers, “It is great to be artistically creative in a process of restoring normal anatomy and thereby making a difference in someone’s life.” He does not believe he has competitors in the Free State because they are only three maxillofacial surgeons in the province and they are all doing their level best to support each other to ensure optimal service to the province.

Dr Van Niekerk’s father has been a great inspiration in his life. “He was a real knight – serving his family through thick and thin.” He shares that he likes spending time with his “best friends”, and says, “Currently, most of my time off, I spend with my wife and kids, who are my best friends.” When asked about the best decision he has ever made, Dr Van Niekerk admits, “Accepting Jesus into my life and getting married to a wonderful woman – which resulted in us being blessed with five little miracles – was my best decision.

I was adopted into a very loving family and I would say that was God beginning to orchestrate my life journey.” Dr Van Niekerk’s advice to someone starting out, is to work hard towards finding a balance between career and family. He recommends that people should “flip the blessing” by using their daily blessings to bless other people.

Get in touch:

Suite 205, 2nd Floor, Cure Day Hospitals Bloemfontein, 29 Poole Street, Brandwag

051 011 7009

Text by Justine Fortuin and Corn Koteli

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