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Men with Momentum: Jurie Schoeman, Branch Manager for Nashua

Jurie is in charge of directing all operational aspects of Nashua, including distribution, customer service, human resources, administration and sales. He also provides training, coaching, development and motivation for all employees.

Nashua is a very strong brand with a young and dynamic team. What sets them apart, Jurie says, is delivering the best customer service in town and always striving to improve upon their customers’ feedback. They focus on the quality of the process while remaining innovative and never comparing themselves to other competitors.

Jurie is inspired by Solomon in the Bible, especially since Solomon, when given the option to ask for anything from God, asked for wisdom, which in the end, was given to him with everything else.

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A moment that stands out for him, is when he was privileged enough to play at the AVS Bokkie Week in 1997. He went on the tour as a representative for the Free State team and came back with Springbok honorary colours.

When asked about the best decision he has ever made, Jurie’s answer was: When I gave my life to Jesus Christ and was set free from all sin. On the other hand, he admits, his worst decision was wasting time on things that do not have eternal value. The first thing he does when he wakes up, is declaring and decreeing that it will be a good day and that God is for him and not against him.

He describes himself as a very positive person who always tries to see the solution rather than the problem in every situation. In moments of doubt, Jurie spends time in prayer and also consults his best friend, his wife.

When Jurie is not working, he loves spending time with his family. He also spends time thinking and coming up with new ideas.

He advises people to get their team to share the same vision. He says, according to Proverbs 29:18, people perish where there is no vision. He feels you should appoint the right people who can do the work so that you do not have to follow up on them at all times. “Invest in your people, it can be your biggest asset.”

Over the last few decades Nashua has been on a journey of innovation, reinvention and growth. With the experience and insights they have gained, they will continue to deliver more business solutions that meet and exceed the needs of their clients.

Nashua’s commitment to service excellence, coupled with a long-term customer focus, is the DNA of the brand. It is also the reason why Nashua has held the number-one market position in the office automation market in Southern Africa for 25 years.

They are now boldly looking to the future, seeking to continuously give their customers more.

The brand has transformed itself from being purely product focused, to being positioned as a solutions and outcomes focused total workspace provider, operating alongside clients to help them realise their goals and live their dreams.

Since 1973, Nashua has evolved to offer more solutions, more services and more innovative technology; but one thing will always remain constant – a commitment to live out their iconic tagline every single day: “Saving you time. Saving you money. Putting you first.

Get in touch:

051 410 7000

[email protected]


Text by Justine Fortuin

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