Social media can be intimidating; so, when you happen upon Instagram accounts, which show real people, it’s a welcome change. Here we speak to three social media influencers who’re slaying it on Instagram…

                                MOSA WESI – 21,1k followers

How did you become a social media influencer?

I accidentally became a social media influencer when I fell pregnant. I would review baby products on my Insta stories. I think baby companies saw an opportunity to work with me because of my honesty. I’m freespirited and do not follow rules; I’m spiritual and tend to go against the normal practices; I’m a homemaker; and I have a beautiful child and a husband.

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Is social media a business for you or just for fun?

Social media is a lucrative business and an inexpensive marketing tool, but I’ve found a balance between running my page for fun, where I invite people into my personal life and running my own brand, called Healing with Snowflake. My personality also gets me brands to promote. So, I am doing three in one.

What’s your winning recipe to attract followers?

I’ve come to realise that people enjoy that I act in an uninhibited way, without worrying about normal social standards. What I do is always for selfentertainment, but I document it on social media.

Who is your average follower?

Young moms and wives/partners, yet my content is not mom blogging because I’m honest about running a household. I would scream until the house is clean and pop open champagne and dance, and then the following day I’m out partying with friends. People love REAL!

How has social media changed your life?

I lost myself one too many times on social media, but through these challenges I was able to find my new spirit, which has led me to opening my company and healing others through the use of white sage, crystals, palo santo and sea salt.

Follow Mosa at snowflakemosa on Instagram.

                          TATUM MACALAGH – 30,8k followers

How did you become a social media influencer?

It happened as my followers grew and brands started noticing me and wanted to work with me.

Whom do you look up to on social media?

Sarah Langa. She is a beautiful, hard-working woman who travels and creates content wherever she goes. She has done SA Fashion Week a few times and worked with big brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton.

What did you do to make your followers grow?

I interact with them by doing Instagram Lives and answering their questions.

What brands have you collaborated with?

I’ve collaborated with South African brand Macc Gee, a fitness wear brand from Switzerland called Stronger, and London brand Siksilk. I’m an ambassador for Faris Drip, Poise Swimwear, Pretty in Pink and Fairhaven.emporium.

Who is Tatum at home?

I’m a daughter, sister and friend with an outgoing, adventurous spirit.

Follow Tatum at tatum.b.m on Instagram

                         ANNETTE KASSELMAN – 10k followers

What barriers did you face to become an influencer?

My children were disgraced by the fact that I was on social media. I was in my late thirties when I joined social media and my son is still not a fan of me being on social media, while my daughter is in favour of it now.

Why do you think people follow you?

I’m just myself, sometimes glamorous, sometimes in my pajamas without any make-up. I don’t share posts to get followers, I post to share my life because I know that somewhere out there, there is someone who can relate.

Do you consider yourself a brand?

Yes, I live for being a brand. I believe that you should talk about your brand and believe in the brand that you’re building so much that you become it. That is why people approach you for collabs and to be an ambassador, because you can help them build their brand through positive feedback and your social media presence. You have to create top of mind awareness for your brand, so that when people think of a brand, they think of you first.

Which brands do you collaborate with?

I’m a brand ambassador for Engo, a Free State charity organisation, Kolor Studio (my hair sponsor and without them I would look pretty dull), Seamless 1 SA (they reached out to me and sent me their hair extensions to try out and I fell in love with them), Mimosa Mall (my community) and Schwarzkop SA.

Follow Annette at annette_ mrssa on Instagram

WORDS: Margaret Linström. PHOTOGRAPHS: Pierce van Heerden

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