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Women on the Move: Finding a BALANCE, VickyB

VickyB from Health as a Way of Life is a certified Health and Wellness Coach (HCA, UK) who has always had an interest in all things healthy. “When I had the opportunity to study again, health coaching was a unique way of combining healthy living and establishing a business.” She also holds a degree in teaching, with an emphasis on psychology.

VickyB, together with the love of her life, produces healthy food for South African families. “Part of what I do as a health and wellness coach, is helping women find a balance between business and family life but to also find time for themselves. It is important to set boundaries, to know when it is time to put work away and focus on family.”

She runs her business, Health as a Way of Life – with VickyB, with the aim of helping women find rhythm and balance. What she loves most, is seeing women thrive. “I help women to find health solutions that are long-term and sustainable. The programmes are tailor-made to each person’s unique situation, with the focus on real food, no shakes or solutions that promise a quick-fix.

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My business is relevant to every single person who breathes. Now more than ever, we have been made aware of the importance of health.” Shehappens to be the first and only health and wellness coach certified with the Health Coaches Academy practicing in the Free State. She also hosts sessions in both English and Afrikaans via Zoom to make it more accessible for women anywhere. “Even though health coaching is a new concept for people in the Free State, it is also very exciting knowing that the opportunities are endless.”

VickyB sees bad decisions as a learning curve, and regards her best decision as choosing to take good care of herself and her health every day. “Years ago I was given a rather scary diagnosis regarding my own health. At first I felt very sorry for myself and then decided to do everything in my power to have the strongest, healthiest body. Every day when I wake up, I choose to be grateful and make healthy choices for my body and mind.”

She takes time off to focus on herself because she believes it is the best thing to avoid burnout. Due to the 28-day cycle women go through, she highly recommends women to prioritise self-care. “Personally, I love walks in nature with our dogs, playing the piano, travelling with my husband. But daily, it will include a cup of Chai tea, outside, with no technology.”

VickyB feels fortunate to collaborate with the most amazing women. She surrounds herself with women who have the ‘I don’t compete with you; you win, I win’ attitude. There are professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors, beauticians and occupational therapists, who will refer patients to her because they recognise that a patient needs to take better physical care of themselves, whether it is cutting out certain foods that cause inflammation, losing weight to help lighten the load on joints, sorting out sleep hygiene.

“I am grateful to know these women and to be able to refer my clients to them when they need support in a specific area. I believe the best way people can survive a global pandemic is by prioritising their physical and mental health.”Throughout the pandemic clients have come to her to improve their overall health, whether it is to eat better, lose weight, improve sleep or just build a stronger immune system.

“What I would tell a young female businesswoman is to work incredibly hard to make sure her clients get the best possible outcome, word-of-mouth will follow and your business will be successful. There are so many experts out there and opportunities to learn from others, no one will ever know everything. Remaining humble is very important. I prefer for the spotlight to be on my clients, not on me. I want them to feel good and feel comfortable in their skins, I want them to shine, and I’m just the facilitator.”

One thing that makes her happy is when her clients experience what she always tells them, “You live inside a miracle.”

She lives by the words of Arianna Huffington, “Relentlessly prioritise. Think of the things that have to be done today – then get comfortable with incompletions”.

Vicky Barnard, Health as a Way of Life – with VickyB, www.healthcoaching.co.za, 084 514 2643.

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