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Women on the Move: Keep your eye on the ball, Ooba Bloemfontein east

Ooba Bloemfontein east, the home finance experts, consists of a team of six: Lynette du Plessis, Welme van Schalkwyk, Brigette Setlhare, Rina Viljoen, Chantelle du Plessis and Maryna Smit. They have various strengths and attributes to support their business. Ooba Bloemfontein East is celebrating 10 years under the Ooba brand. The principal of Ooba Bloemfontein East, Lynette du Plessis, has 20 years’ experience as a business owner, and says that their collective knowledge and expertise span over 71 years.

At Ooba Bfn East the ladies strive to find an equal balance between time management (business) and prioritisation (family). The mission and vision of thecompany is to empower people to own their own homes. “Every person has a different need, be it a first or second home or an investment, and by assisting themwe are changing lives.” The advantage of this type of work which they do, is having the freedom of making their own decisions, based on their experience, whereas the disadvantage is having to be available 24 hours a day, which needs careful planning and the setting of boundaries.

“Our company boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience, which allows us to take the process out of our client’s hands, in order to deliver the BEST deal for the client. We form part of the market leaders in this industry,” the team agrees, when asked what gives Ooba East the competitive edge.

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The team lives by the motto, “Out of sight but NOT out of mind”, which is what they believe to be the top tip to survive a global pandemic. They have been concentrating on this ever since the beginning of Covid-19. “We came up with creative ideas to still be visible in the market and to keep in touch with our clients and stakeholders.” Taking time off looks different for everyone in the office. Various activities are undertaken and whatever the reason may be, they commented: “We believe that it is

very important to make time for yourself and your family, so we can be at our best for our customers.”

Ooba Bloemfontein East’s team believes a young female businesswoman should do everything to the fullest, even if it is a small task like making a cup of coffee, that cup must be the best cup ever.

“Do not think you know everything, there is always something you can learn from someone else. Everyone makes mistakes, the best thing one can do is to own up to your mistakes. The market that we work in, being the financial real estate market, consists of probably 70% of women with whom we collaborate daily, sharing expertise and best practices.”
One thing they agree on, is: “Be humble, stay true to your own convictions and keep your eye on the ball”.

This allows one to handle pressure and challenges to reach success in the business world.

Ooba Bloemfontein East, 051 430 1890

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