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Women on the Move: One smile at a time, Dr Leschen Marx

Bloemfontein born and bred dentist Dr Leschen Marx developed an interest in the medical field when she discov- ered her “desire to make a difference”.

Dr Leschen studied dentistry at the Uni- versity of the Western Cape and graduated Cum Laude. She is now a proud member of the Dental @Mediclinic Bloemfontein family. In looking back, she realises that moving away from home to pursue her dream was one of the best decisions ever, though moving away from a close family network was very challenging. The one thing she loves most about her job is her empathy for her patients. She hopes to change the stereotype of “most people being afraid of the dentist”. “Being a dentist is more than attending to patient’s dental needs, it’s also a lot of administrative duties, case planning and liaising with dental laboratories. Maintaining a balance between work and family is a priority. When I am with family, I am 100% there. Dinner at the table is an important part of my day and the only time I get to truly unwind and enjoy my family.”

Dr Leschen knows that people are the ones who make a business successful. This is why she does not run her day from minute to minute but from person to person. Her free time is spent with her loved ones or burning a few calories at the gym.

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Her tips for young women in business: “Business has become more personal than ever before, and women should use their strength to develop real and lasting business relationships with like-minded business partners.”

Secondly: “Believe you can achieve anything and set your path in that direction, be active in the process of achieving your goals. Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.”

Dr Leschen works with three other dentists. She feels their mentorship allows her
to provide her patients with the best possible treatment. “I’m also fortunate to have female colleagues as friends . We often share advice, opinions and knowledge. Successful women build more successful women. Female business owners should not shy away from learning from one another,” is her advice.

For all your dental needs call 051 011 2569 or visit the office of Dr Leschen Marx at suite 410, Mediclinic Bloemfontein situated on the corner of Kellner St and Parfitt Ave in Westdene.

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