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A podcast with a purpose 

The conversation and attitude towards mental health have shifted significantly in the last few years, whereby the topic of mental health is no longer taboo and more people are proudly joining the conversation.

Kyle Clark, Entrepreneur, TV Host, Radio Presenter & Actor, is paving the way forward by normalising the topic and allowing the South African public to speak their truth and find comfort in addressing the topic through his brand new and exciting podcast, Switch On.

He has so cleverly described his podcast as a ‘love letter to the new generation’. He is providing a way forward for those in need by speaking up and using his own voice as an act of direction and ‘the guidance we knew we never needed’.

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His podcast, which showcases 12 episodes, includes esteemed seasoned guests who are proudly standing alongside Kyle and offering even more insightful content which is sure to not only keep the listener entertained but also informed, educated and motivated.

‘Switch On is the connector of who we should be, but the celebration of leaving who we use to be behind,’ says Kyle.


‘Thoughtful, needed, gripping, honest, healing.’

What inspired you to create a podcast focusing on mental health?

‘I always look at our parents as a generation that never had platforms to seek help from, no guidance and no direction. I believe the upbringing of the new generation would have been so different, from acceptance of others to how you openly talk about your feelings and expressing your emotion if there were these platforms. In a world where what we see around the world is so much more accessible, it is the only pure fact that mental health would take a direct hit for decades to come.’

You describe the podcast as an ‘act of direction and guidance’ – what do you hope to achieve from positively impacting your listeners?

‘My only hope is that this season inspires you to be better, heal faster, forgive easier and love harder. I hope that you make this life of yours more beautiful than you could have ever imagined and not for everyone else, but you.’

How has your own personal experience and past helped you draw inspiration when it comes to being able to openly share genuine emotion and content with your listeners?

‘Deep conversations have always been a very beautiful characteristic of mine, I have been able to talk about uncomfortable situations with people and help find a solution for their own hearts and help them heal. I am always able to come from a third party perspective, being able to look from the outside in. In that way, it allows me to see all circumstances around the situation and consider that. I also believe I am a wounded healer, I have gone through more than anyone could imagine and I use those moments to help draw pure energy to heal the person I am talking to. Being relatable and compassionate has really been the core focus of who I am.’

Your new podcast includes a line-up of high-profile celebrities. What was the thought process when selecting these individuals?

‘In the introduction of the podcast, I say: ‘It’s the guidance you never knew you needed from the people you wanted to hear it from the most’ – We live in a world where all these high profile celebrities are being looked up to for mostly superficial reasons and they have also never been given a platform to truly share their heart. I selected each one of them, as every single one of them has had a very positive impact on my life. I have either watched them for years, watched them go through an online war or watch them crumble online in some way or form and never got to speak their own truth. I hope their stories resonate with their viewers and they also get to share a side of them that no one would see online.’

Do you believe mental health is being addressed correctly in our country?

‘I believe it is only being taken seriously since the pandemic, I always come across stories of those that suffer from anxiety and depression and only recently realised it after they were forced to stay indoors. The global pandemic has really brought out a side of people that they never knew was there, and only because the pandemic forced us to look in the mirror and see what was truly important from the beginning. We can definitely do more! Feeling resentful because it wasn’t taken seriously before won’t help the gratitude I feel that we are finally at a stage where it is being taken seriously now and we need to live in the moment and not the past.’

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to the new generation who are ultimately the leaders of the future?

‘Trust yourself and how you feel. Don’t give your power to anyone, for your power is all you have and as soon as you allow people control, it will be very difficult to take it back. Hold onto your heart and trust your intuition. Do what makes you feel good about yourself and don’t let anyone tell you differently.’

What does it mean to you to be a beacon of hope and mentor of self-help for those in our country?

‘I feel like I am right where I am meant to be.’

Does your podcast extend itself to further self-help for your listeners?

‘Season 1 is all about good information and setting the benchmark for what we want to achieve, however, Season 2 is already in the works and we have beautiful things planned.’

You can stream all the episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or watch the entire interview on their YouTube Channel.

Follow Kyle on Insta and Facebook.

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