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Time to relax(er) … and get a sleeker look …

Summer is here, and that means new clothes, new makeup and new hairstyles. Some of you are looking to keep your hair au naturel this summer, but some are looking for a sleeker look.

As long as your hair defines who you are, there is no right or wrong hairstyle, just what makes you feel good about yourself.

“For a sleeker or relaxed curl look, a relaxer is often used to create the desired outcome,” explains Revlon Realistic brand manager.

“When it comes to relaxing your hair at home using a product that you know and trust, as well as following the instructions carefully should always be done. If not, the results may not be what you had in mind, and your hair could be damaged in the process.”

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When it comes to relaxing your hair, Revlon Realistic shared the following tips you need to consider before applying any product:

  1. If you are a relaxing pro, please make sure that you wait for the allocated time required before relaxing again. Relaxing your hair too soon will damage it and cause unnecessary breakage. Be patient.
  2. Wash your hair for not more than four days before relaxing it. This will give your scalp time to create enough natural lubricant to protect the scalp before the relaxer is applied.
  3. Choose a product that you trust. The Revlon Realistic crème relaxer has been around for many years. It is available for all hair types, leaves your hair stronger, assists in retaining moisture and gives you more flexible and easily managed post-relaxed hair.
  4. Read the instructions carefully. The instructions will guide you on how to apply the relaxer, where to apply it (it should only be applied to newly grown hair) and for how long it should be left on. This information should be followed diligently and as requested.
  5. When relaxing your hair, be realistic about your expectations. You may just want to loosen your natural curl and make it more manageable and easier to work with when it comes to styling, as opposed to pin-straight hair.
  6. Make sure that you have all the necessary aftercare products required to look after your hair once it has been relaxed. Relaxing your hair can lead to dry hair, so a neutralising shampoo will need to be applied afterwards. A neutralising shampoo stops the action of the relaxer and brings the hair back to its normal pH levels. Revlon Realistic’s neutralising shampoo has a colour signal to indicate when all traces of the relaxer have been removed.

When it comes to relaxing your hair, everything needs to be considered beforehand to ensure that the desired results are achieved and kept. Relaxed hair is easier to manage and with it you can try out hairstyles that you were hoping to show off this Summer.

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