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Five tips to keep your home clean this holiday season 

Hosting the festive celebrations has once again become your responsibility, and suddenly your to-do list is getting longer and longer. Making sure your menu is delicious and mouth-watering is not the only thing that is keeping you awake at night, but also making sure that your home is Instagram ready and spotless is making you anxious, not to mention the mess you have to deal with once everyone leaves.

“The cleaning that takes place when hosting over the festive season is a job that most don’t look forward to,” says Mario Correia, brand manager for Chemico. “There is the cleaning before you start prepping the food, the cleaning after the food is cooked and before everyone arrives, and then, of course, the cleaning when everyone leaves, not to mention the everyday cleaning.”

To make cleaning a little easier, Mario shares five tips on how to keep your home clean this festive season without spending too much time with a mop in your hands:

  1. Get the whole family involved – the kids, and your spouse, whoever you can find. They live there too, and it is only fair that they pitch in when it comes to keeping it clean. Chores need to be allocated to everyone and enforced. A good rule to implement is: “You make the mess; you clean it up.”
  2. If you are braaiing over this time, make sure that you work smarter and not harder when it comes to cleaning it. Chemico Extreme Paste Cleen is the perfect braai cleaning companion and handles grease with ease – making this task one to fight for than to fight over. Chemico Extreme Paste Cleen is also a great option to clean your oven after a huge family get-together lunch.
  3. Make sure that every room is tidy before going to bed, and everyone is responsible for their own room. This way every room is ready for a quick sweep and mop in the morning.
  4. After the festive lunch, organise family members to help clear the table, and once they bring the dishes to the kitchen, either start washing them straight away or start packing the dishwasher immediately. This will limit the time spent doing it after, and you can sit and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
  5. When you take something out of its allocated place to use, put it back straight away. You will be surprised how much of your house looking messy is actually items that have not been put back in their original places.
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Small jobs done consistently can limit the amount of time spent cleaning. This can be done throughout the holiday season and not just in the lead up to the festive celebrations, giving you less time cleaning and more time to yourself.

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