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Free State cricket captain and his wife put Ford to the test

ITEC Knights captain Pite van Biljon and his wife, Jessica, put the Ford Ranger and the EcoSport from Human Auto through their paces. Here Get It quizzes them on their favourite wheels and their favourite city…

PITE VAN BILJON, who grew up in Bloemfontein and went to Grey College, says that when he is not playing cricket for the Free State, he is shooting or mountain biking. 

What do you love about our city?

I love how Bloem is still reasonably safe, we don’t struggle with traffic, and we have some of the best schools in SA. I sell Bloem as ‘BloemVegas’ because if you go out, you will have a great time! The people are friendly and the food is good.

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Do you believe in supporting local businesses?

I definitely believe in it. I buy all my equipment for my hobbies from local businesses. My shooting accessories I usually buy from SA Air Rifles at Preller Square, or Kloppers; and my mountain bike I got from Enduroplanet at Pretty Gardens Gym.

How would you describe you and your family’s lifestyle in Bloem?

Very active – we like running, cycling, shooting, fishing, and then obviously a braai.

You are a father to a four-year-old daughter and a husband. How would the Ford Ranger complement your young family’s lifestyle?

Don’t forget three dogs! The Ranger is great for an active family. There is plenty of space for all the bikes and dogs, and the comfort and safety of a bigger car on the long road when on holiday puts my mind at ease.

The Ford Ranger is described as a vehicle ‘built for adventure’. What adventures would you like to take it on?

It has fantastic 4×4 capabilities; so, I would love to take it fishing and hunting in the Kalahari.

How would the Ford Ranger fit into your lifestyle as a top-performing cricketer?

As a cricketer, I’m always lugging around a massive cricket kit. With the Ranger, we could put our bags in the back and still have plenty of space for extras. There’s also the psychological effect on your game if you drive a great car. If you feel good, you tend to play better. The Ranger certainly helps with confidence.

Turning to the Ford Ranger, what are your thoughts on it?

Firstly, it must be the best-looking bakkie around. The ride, comfort and general interior of the bakkie makes you feel like you could be sitting in a luxury sedan.

JESSICA VAN BILJON is a born and bred Bloem girl, who studied at the University of the Free State, and has been teaching at St. Michael’s School for Girls for almost a decade. She loves being active, and did The Four Peaks Mountain Challenge last year (the Two Oceans is also on her list!)

What do you love about our city?

What I love most about Bloem is the fact that my family is here too! We’ve always been a tight-knit family and enjoy spending time together. We’re constantly looking for new exciting places to explore and Bloem has so much to choose from. The Free State Botanical Garden tops our list; we enjoy taking walks or having a picnic under the trees. Be Human Middelwater is another exciting option to spend the day with family and friends. We also enjoy 7 Dams Conservancy, where we walk the dogs every day.

Do you believe in supporting local?

Most definitely, as it supports the community! My favourite restaurant, Bella Casa, is perfect for a date night. I also stay fit at our local gym, Sportfit.

How would you describe you and your family’s lifestyle?

We are definitely urbanites (although my husband would be perfectly happy with his gun and bike somewhere in the veld or bush!) and we enjoy our city and all elements of it.

How does the EcoSport make your ‘mom chores’ easier?

The EcoSport is comfortable and safe on the road. It also has ample space for the luggage that comes with a little one. Moms do a few trips a day and the EcoSport comfortably takes us from point A to B.

Do you use the EcoSport mainly as a city car?

Toddler, three dogs, bikes, guns and a toy box … we use the EcoSport mainly as a city car 🙂

You drive a Ford EcoSport. What do you love it and how does it complement your lifestyle? I just love the EcoSport! It is not too big and definitely not too small … it’s just right!

The interior is comfortable, fashionable, and easy to keep clean with a toddler in the back seat. Not only is it nippy, it also has excellent fuel consumption.

Hopping from one adventure to another is a pleasure in the EcoSport!

Contact Theuns Pieters 084 553 0611 @Human Auto to arrange your test drive.

TEXT: Margaret Linström. 

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