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ITEC and the Knights – a perfect pairing

This month Get It focuses on what we love about Bloem – with sport and locally owned businesses topping the list. And, when these two Bloem favourites join forces, you have a dynamite combination. One of the best examples of the power of local business to support and sponsor local sport is the ITEC-Knights partnership. Here we gain some insights from ITEC FS on their business and their sponsorship of the Knights Cricket team…

ITEC FS is a value-driven Business Technology company, established 25 years ago. Co-founders Chris Badenhorst and Andre Venter shared a vision to start a trusted service orientated brand and became a partner of the ITEC Group. They converted their professional sport success and discipline into a corporate business of which the triumphant results are still evident today.

ITEC is a single solutions partner that addresses technology opportunities and challenges in your environment via financed or cash offerings. We create efficiency by providing cost savings and reliable after-care support, which distinguishes our proud brand from the rest. Simply put, our goal is to be the most reputable business in providing solutions offerings regardless of type, scale and industry segment.

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ITEC FS is owned by Valentine Rantsoareng and Adriaan Strauss. Original owners Chris and Andre are still actively part of the business; hence, ITEC FS is blessed with the formidable and like-minded leadership of these four gentlemen.

ITEC FS’s staff complement consists of 89 personnel, with Direct Service branches in Bloemfontein, Midrand,Bethlehem and Jacaranda. ITEC FS forms part of ITEC Group’s 47 successful dealerships, which strategically enables us to provide the solutions and service delivery we commit to.

Our competitive edge in the industry is based on a few factors including Trusted Service Delivery – our business model is designed to keep service and support commitments. Secondly, it is based on Best of Breed Products – we collaborate with top vendors nationally and globally to ensure the quality solutions offered to our clients. Thirdly, Innovative Solutions – our solutions stack include hardware, software, Solar, Cloud-based and Network Security or Cyber Security, as well as Chemicals. Fourth, we are proudly green – our carbon neutral initiatives focus on auditing and reducing the environmental impact of the equipment we provide to our clients. We are also a Tier 1 Network Provider – we provide a scalable and personalised solution that enables a mobile workforce supported by cloud-based solutions. Lastly, we are an accredited Level 1 B BBEE Contributor.

Our sponsorship of the ITEC Knights links to the fact that we believe that sport is synonymous with bringing entertainment and hope, and uniting people. That is why ITEC decided to continue to be heavily involved in sport locally, and taking it a step further, to become the official naming rights sponsor for one of the most appreciated and successful sports teams in the Free State. According to Director Adriaan Strauss, “Business and sport, and the business of sport are in our blood. We are thrilled to be the official naming rights sponsor for the Knights. Knowing all too well the power sport has in uniting communities and lifting spirits, our aim is to become actively involved and support the Knights in a number of ways – not only from the obvious financial investment but also investing our time and hopefully adding value by bringing our business and sporting experience to the table”.

Contact Reinet Olivier 083 212 5101 @ITEC for your bespoke consultation.

TEXT: Margaret Linström. 

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