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The artist behind the LENS

Professional Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer Tania Allen’s journey started as a normal mother who enjoyed taking photographs of her children… fast-forward and Tania Allen Photography is now a household name.

With 12 years’ experience in the industry, Tania’s passion for her profession shows through her work. “Passion, a little bit more passion and a whole lot of passion is the secret. It is my passion, and my contribution to leaving a legacy for each and every family.”

Tania was born and raised in Port Elizabeth and completed her schooling in Aliwal North. Soon after high school, Tania moved to the City of Roses where she studied Somatology at the CUT. She then furthered her studies in Business Management at Damelin.

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Tania always wanted to do jewellery design and manufacturing but little did she know that life had different plans for her. “My husband and I relocated to Jeffrey’s Bay and opened our own business. I was the designer and loved the creative side. After three years in J-Bay, we came back to Bloem and carried on with the business. We fell pregnant with our third daughter and I had complications, and had to resign. During this time the other two girls were growing up and this mom enjoyed taking photos; so technically, this is where my journey started,” explained Tania.

Behind the camera is a creative and passionate individual who people describe as friendly and oh-so-chatty. When Tania does not have a camera in her hand, she enjoys a good cup of coffee and reading a good book. She also enjoys spending time with horses or playing a round of golf with her husband.

Tania has perfected her craft over the years through reading and shooting as much as she can. “I have always been creative, but did not know in which medium to express myself. Photography encompasses all elements – personal interaction, nature, light and more. I think the main thing is to capture the things that are not tangible, such as love, passion, excitement and sorrow.”

Her favourite shoots are outdoor photoshoots during the so-called ‘golden hour’. In photography, the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.

One thing Tania wishes she knew before she started photography is: “Know your worth and don’t compare yourself to others. Find your unique style and dare to be different”.

A word of advice from Tania is to tell a little white lie on your wedding invitation about the ceremony time. Why? “Because guests are always late,” she laughs.

“A photograph captures a moment in time, saved for future generations, make time for a shoot. Covid has made us all realise there might not be a tomorrow,” concluded Tania.


TEXT: Pierce van Heerden

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