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Ten clever uses for tissue oil…

Versatile, effective and affordable, tissue oil should be a staple in every beauty regime.

From moisturising skin to treating the scalp and healing scars, tissue oil can be used for just about anything. And it’s not just useful to solve skincare problems – it’s a handy item that can be used every day to maintain the health of the skin. So while it certainly is our go-to for when we want to moisturise dry, dehydrated skin, there’s much more to this multi-tasker.

  1. Reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and scars There’s a good reason pregnant women massage tissue oil into their bellies every day… it’s been proven to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Whether you’re pregnant, losing weight, or if you have a scar you’d like to fade, apply tissue oil daily to keep the skin hydrated, supple and to minimise marks and scars.
  2. Nourish nails and cuticles Apply tissue oil to your nails and cuticles, and massage in gently. It will improve the strength of brittle nails and will nourish and soften your cuticles.
  3. Use as a massage oil Whether you’re trying to soothe an aching or stiff muscle, or treat your partner to a relaxing massage, tissue oil makes a great massage oil!
  4. Nourish your eyelashes Apply tissue oil to dry or short eyelashes to help promote growth and strength. Simply massage a few drops into your lash line before bed.
  5. Mix it with your body lotion Add a few drops of tissue oil to your body lotion for extra moisturising power and an added glow. And for extra dry areas like elbows, knees and heels, massage a few drops of tissue oil into the skin twice a day after applying your body lotion. Dry and flaky skin will be soft and smooth before you know it.
  6. Treat your lips Dry, chapped lips? Apply tissue oil to soothe, nourish and hydrate them. Plus, it’ll add a subtle lip gloss effect.
  7. Use it after shaving Does your skin ever feel tight or dry after shaving? Apply tissue oil as an after-shave product to soothe, nourish and soften freshly-shaved skin. It can be applied anywhere on the body, and is also useful as a shaving oil to help your razor glide more smoothly and to avoid nicks and cuts.
  8. Use it as a bath oil If you love the feeling that bath products leave on your skin, apply a few drops of tissue oil to your bath water. Not only will it make the bath water feel silky, but it will also act as an all-over body moisturiser.
  9. Nourish your scalp Use tissue oil as a deep treatment to treat a dry, itchy scalp and dry or damaged hair. Massage tissue oil into your hair and scalp and wrap in a towel for five minutes before washing it out. It will help to relieve itching and discomfort, prevent flaking and soften hair.
  10. Mix your own hydrating face mist Add some tissue oil to a bottle of water and spritz onto your skin whenever you are in need of a hydration boost. Remember to shake the bottle before you spray.

We use Bramley’s luxurious scented tissue oils, which are enriched with Bio-Pharm oil (their unique ceramide blend that maintains a healthy appearance of the skin, assists in the treatment of scars and stretch marks, hydrates and keeps skin smooth and supple) as well as vitamin E, which is known for its healing, soothing and antioxidant properties. Besides coming in a range of really desirable scents – think cocoa and macadamia, vanilla and coconut – they’re also really affordable – R26.99 – and easily available at Pep Stores.

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