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Jurie Schoeman is the Branch Manager for Nashua Bloemfontein. He is responsible for the training and development of all employees, and also for all the operational functions of the branch. This includes customer service, debtors and sales.

Jurie says he draws his inspiration from the Bible. “There are great examples of successful entrepreneurs, such as Solomon who was blessed with wisdom that clearly showed in his business decisions. Abraham was in charge of a large group of herdsman, which caused the nature of his business to grow, and the change allowed him to move freely to do God’s work.”

The way Jurie defines success is: “Having supernatural peace within yourself and your family and spreading it to the people around you and investing in your team and having the same vision.”

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Jurie’s wife Dia, who he says is his best friend, and his beautiful children, Lionel Annebel and Rebekah, are what motivate him to get out of the bed in the morning. In his free time he enjoys spending time and traveling with them.

According to him, he has three different mindsets or habits that keep me going. The first being a positive mindset. “Your thoughts will determine almost everything in your life, literally almost everything. Nobody becomes successful without incredible positivity and you need to adopt a positive mind set; a goal-driven mind set.”

The second and third mindset is one of faith and patience. “You bring the grind, and the grace will follow!

“We make it a habit of recruiting people who fit this mindset and culture and are able to play in a big team – our Bloem branch hosts more than 100 diverse people in a building, but we try and align our mindsets for the best teamwork.”

Jurie believes that Nashua has no competition, as the business goes above and beyond to accommodate their clients. “Our business model is centred on the consumers’ needs. We have the dominant market share (50%) in printing solutions in South Africa, but also playing competitively in newer developed specialist markets, as solar and alternative energy solutions, which provide our clients with total office solutions – not just yesteryear’s product lines.”

Looking back at the past year, Jurie says the biggest highlight was the way in which his team stood together and overcame the hardships that 2020 threw at them. “We came out stronger and wiser than before and ended our financial year as one of the best.”

The Nashua team renewed their focus for this year by ensuring that they are at the forefront of as many technological advances and energy solutions as possible. This will allow them to cater to the ever-changing and growing needs of their clientele.

Jurie’s Finance tips:

Get paid what you are worth (know your worth).

Spend less than you earn.

Stick to a budget.

Invest, invest and invest!

Make sure you have an excellent retirement plan.


051 410 7000


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