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Linda Khuzwayo is the Manufacturing Manager at Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa based in Bloemfontein. He oversees the manufacturing operation, which includes the supply, production, quality and engineering departments that report directly to him. His job includes making sure that good quality Coca-Cola products are produced at the right time and right cost, and that it is done safely and sustainably.

Linda firmly believes that the mind set of “hard work never killed anyone” and the willingness to learn is a mindset that makes him successful. He draws inspiration from many people and if he had to pick just one, it would be the late former CEO of Southwest Airlines. “He was very instrumental in the creation of a low-cost airline industry. He achieved this by coming up with very innovative ideas, focusing on what the customer is willing to pay for, and ensuring that his employees were happy always. He was a believer that successful businesses hire for attitude rather than skills, as skills can always be taught. “

Linda says that distinguishing yourself from your competitors is easy when you are reliable as an individual, and also when you have the capacity to learn and you have the determination to be a better person today than the person you were yesterday.

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Looking back at the past year, Linda says the best highlight on a personal front was the birth of his daughter, “a precious gift from God”. On the work front it was the turnaround seen at the plant because of his colleague’s hard work and determination.

This year Linda plans to seek ways to improve his leadership capabilities and his relationships both at work and at home.

As a Sabbath-observing Christian, he takes time to rest every Saturday to connect with his maker. “Besides that, I really enjoy spending time travelling with my wife and children. If time and resources permit, I make it a point to take advantage of it.”

Linda’s Finance Tips:

Contentment in life will take you far (not to be mistaken with lack of ambition). Establish a healthy balance between consumption and saving/investing. Just remember that there will always be the latest generation of a cell phone, car, TV, you name it, but don’t get too sucked in to those things; they will blow a big hole in your pocket.


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