Together Is Better

The concept of multi-generational living is on the rise in South Africa for a number of reasons. Butch tells us a bit more about this movement towards community-orientated living, specifically in security estates on the North Coast.

What does multi-generational living look like to you?
Multi-generational living for me means having my parents or in-laws or both (this might be pushing it) living in the same estate as my wife, Julia and our two boys Jesse and Rex. Having granny find joy out of picking the kids up from school and you having a permanent baby sitter can only be a good thing! This is how we are meant to live . . . with our support structure close by, creating a strong social fabric where you have everyone chipping in to keep the whole family in good shape. As you grow older you realise how important family is and spending more time with my folks and having them watch my boys grow up would be a blessing. I think we will see more and more families living in the same estates as their parents, as there is definitely a financial saving and a massive convenience to having someone you can trust on your door step.

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About Palm Lakes
Palm Lakes is a multi-generational estate with homes for first-time buyers, investment properties, family homes, large family homes and retirement homes, meaning you can have the benefits and safety of family close by, but also the opportunity to grow in real estate. Details:

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