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Make it work … a stylish home office

For many of us, working from home is new situation, and it’s one that’s probably going to be around for a while. Whether you’re looking for some temporary solutions to home office space, or thinking long term, here are some workable options.

Accessorise your desk with a Manikin Man (he’s like your own little work colleague), and a set of pencil pens, R99.99 and R50, both from Typo. Details: cottonon.com/za

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Keep track of the (over)time with this Country Road Della desk clock (R449). And if you do end up working late, you’ll need a good desk lamp … this one is stylish and functional, (R1099). Both from Woolies.



Here’s a dual purpose buy. Use this matte black planter on a wooden stand on the corner of your desk to keep pens, pencils, rulers and stationery while you’re working from home, once you’re back at your office, plant it up with something green and lovely. R250 from Woolworths.






We really like this slender writing desk from Houtlander. It’s great as a work station, but then will fit happily elsewhere in the house. R8500 from houtlander.co.za

Yes. We know it’s a drinks trolley. But now, you’re going to use it as a spot to keep your storage boxes of papers, files and whatnot. No longer working from home … you’ve an elegant spot to keep the gin! R1699 from home.co.za



Another desk lamp .. elegant LED lamp, R299 from woolworths.co.za






Keeping notes of the rules and regulations is a full time job! A4 recycled notebook, R99 from Typo. Details: cottonon.com/za




If you’ve had to set up in the corner of a sitting room or dining room, this wicker screen is fabulous. Pop it up in front of your work station and … you’re off duty. R3999 from home.co.za


Stylish Noah magazine rack, R495 from weylandts.co.za

For ideas, inspiration and exceptional office buys, pop into your closest Weylandts, or visit their online site. Great home office set-ups … desks and office chairs, and really stylish shelving options too. Perfect if your home office is here to stay. Details: weylandts.co.za

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