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Exceptional beauty products to give your face a lift…

If you’re nervous of needles, you can get great lift and magnificent results from these exceptional products.

For smoothing out fine lines ,wrinkles and crow’s feet, restoring density to the skin around the eyes and to brighten eyes, try the new Clarins Total Eye Lift, a lift-replenishing total eye care concentrate which has been created to enhance the entire eye area from temple to temple. R1120. And if you need a quick fix for a hot date, Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is , quite simply, magic in a jar. Apply under your foundation, it polishes, smooths and fills in wrinkles. Perfect skin, instantly! R530. From clarins.co.za


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Laboratoire SVR has a range of three ultra-concentrated ampoules which address sagging skin, wrinkles, skin irregularities, enlarged pores and a dull complexion. There’s Ampoule A – with vitamin A and Retinol, a leading anti-aging active ingredient which retexturises the skin and corrects deep wrinkles. • Ampoule B3 – with a high concentration of vitamin B3 which soothes and strengthens the skin, tightness and discomfort are immediately reduced and skin becomes plumper and the signs of aging are diminished – this one intensely, reinforces and plumps dehydrated skin. • Ampoule C contains 20 per cent optimised Vitamin C for radiant skin. They’re R725 from riekiemedaesthetic.co.za, absoluteskin.co.za or shopfomo.com


The Do-It-Yourself skincare trend is becoming increasingly more attractive for women spending time at home, who are not yet ready to visit professional salons for treatments, or for the convenience-seekers with on-the-go and busy lifestyles who are often crunched for time. Bridging the gap between home and professional treatments is this new product from Nimue Skincare … the ThermoFlash Peel. It enhances skin radiance and provides instant smoothness while improving the skin’s firmness. With no side effects or downtime, a 10-minute application once a week cleanses pores and detoxifies skin for a youthful and radiant appearance. It also has ingredients that tighten and lift. R399 from nimueskin.com


Let’s get serious. This Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream is an advanced corrective night cream with 50 per cent more growth factors than other products in this range. Stimulating tissue regeneration and collagen production for more youthful skin, it’s suitable for mature, sun-damaged, dry skins but it should only be used according to skin tolerance and introduced slowly if you have never used active ingredients, and it’s not suitable for sensitive or rosacea-prone skins. Ingredients include those to slow down and stop chronic inflammation associated with skin ageing, with benefits for skin-plumping due to the ability to attract and retain water, and to provide superior lipid barrier defence. R1850. And for your neck (gosh, always an awful age giveaway!), Lamelle Dermaheal Ageing Neck Serum is a potent serum that treats signs of ageing on the neck to help stimulate new collagen and elastin. It’s suitable for mature, sun-damaged skins but can be used by those with early signs of ageing, but caution should be used by those with any sensitivity. R850. Both from dermastore.co.za and skinmiles.com.


We’ve recently discovered the Institut Esthederm range, and are massively impressed. There are close to a dozen great products, each concentrating on specific concerns. This Intensive Retinol Oil Serum is a concentrated product which treats fine lines and deep wrinkles, uneven surface, recent scars and photo-ageing, while accelerating cell renewal, strengthening the structure of the epidermis, stimulating collagen production, and strengthening the skin. R865. In the same range, the Institut Esthederm Intensive range is an Hyaluronic Mask, a rich face mask for skin with severe dehydration, lines and wrinkles, which instantly plumps and moisturises, filling fine lines and wrinkles, and with regular use creates a smooth, rehydrated complexion whilst restoring radiance. Also look out for the Propolis+Zinc Serum Lotion, which reduces shine and imperfections and tightens pores, and the Propolis+Ferulic Acid Skin Perfecting Cream, which also targets wrinkles and shine. All available from DisChem.

It repositions. It fills. It smooths. It’s brand new. And you want it! A youthful-looking face doesn’t only mean less wrinkles. It’s also a matter of harmonious proportions and a fresh-looking expression. Over time, wrinkles appear, but the face also loses its harmony … the skin sags, the distribution of volumes changes, there is an increase in hollow areas (temples, cheeks), and the contours lose definition. Facial expressions change as well … facial features harden, expression wrinkles become permanent, eyes appear less fresh. This new Diego dalla Palma FilLift is an anti-ageing treatment inspired by aesthetic medicine to remodel the face oval and facial volume and to fight deep wrinkles and fine lines. Enhanced with Collalift18 – skin-sheathing protector of collagen, and containing amplified BTX hexapeptide-1 – a valid cosmetic alternative to botulinum injections, with studies showing it’s effective not only on the expression lines on the upper part of the face (wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and on the eye area), but also on the lines around the lips. Therefore, it smooths out facial features and delivers a fresher-looking and youthful appearance. The range includes a Remodelling Lifting Effect Cream (R1550); a Smoothing Eye and Lip Contour Cream (R1150); and a 30-Days Treatment – Hyalu & Collagen Filler Lifting and Filling Concentrate (R1450) – an ultra-lifting cosmetic treatment inspired by the combined techniques of filler-botolinum injections.
To find your nearest stockist ring 021-701-2900.


Placecol Excellence Gravity Lift Solution is a powerful blend of eight age-defying active ingredients which not only give the face a visible lift, but also strengthens sagging skin to improve its resistance to gravity. It tightens, firms and plumps up the skin, gently erasing fine lines and reducing wrinkles. R750 • Optiphi Classic Eye Effect is an anti-aging eye cream that improves firmness, fights puffiness and revives dull skin. Focusing on the skin’s radiance, collagen stimulation and structural support, you can expect a visible improvement in expression lines, wrinkles and hydration. R930. Both from cosmetology.co.za

Filorga’s Time Filler is a highly concentrated anti-ageing treatment that actively corrects lines and wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles from forming. Ingredients (including a Botox-like tripeptide that mimics the action of Wagerin, a protein contained in snake venom) have been specifically designed to act individually on one of the three main types of wrinkles … tension or contraction wrinkles (caused by negative facial expressions due to tension, stress and fatigue and are found mainly on the forehead and around the eyes); hollow wrinkles or wrinkles caused by sagging (think those lines along sides of the nose and the hollow tear trough under the eyes); and wrinkles caused by dryness (leathery skin around the eyes, forehead and on the cheeks caused by dryness due to ageing which is further amplified by repeated sun exposure). The ‘Botox-like’ effect really works … with tests showing after 28 days of use, wrinkles reduced by up to 39 per cent. R920 from  skinmiles.co.za, justskinclinic.co.za, absoluteskin.co.za, shopfomo.com and riekiemedaesthetic.com.

Details: filorgasouthafrica.co.za

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