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Social Media’s Brightest Stars Are Proudly Themselves

Authenticity is arguably the most valuable skill a child will need to become a successful social media star and influencer, guaranteeing them scores of loyal followers but also setting them up for more sponsored partnerships.

Celebrities might top the list of the biggest but Internet research shows, many personalities that started on one platform have developed massive followings.

While many stars get paid to post about products and services they use, many influencers with relatively small followings have more consistent engagement, and are often able to demand high advertising fees as a result.

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In fact, the 2021 State of Influencer Marketing Report by Linqia claims fewer companies wanted to work with celebrity influencers this year (14%), with 90% of marketers choosing micro-influencers (5k – 100k followers) for their online campaigns – 10% growth on 2020’s figures.

The Linqia report also identified opportunity for ‘nano influencers’, who are social media users with fewer than 5,000 followers, as well as no-payment influencer and content creators.

“Whether your child has a few followers on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, or thousands, encouraging them to be themselves. It’s social media’s law of attraction: authenticity and trust build followers. And, in 2021 and beyond, followers mean opportunity.” Says Swastika Juggernath, Marketing Manager for Bata South Africa.

Youth shoe brand Toughees wants to help young South Africans unlock more of this opportunity and grow their social status by being themselves, creating unique, authentic and useful content.

Aspiring #youthfluencers can join a free online workshop from 8 – 10 December 2021. They’ll be joined by some of the country’s brightest young social stars, including YouTuber and comedian, Prev Reddy; entertainer and digital creator, Nathan Molefe; and fashion and lifestyle public figure, Alex Jamie. Class is online from 10h00 until midday each day.

“Many of these amazing and hugely popular influencers started out creating content with a cellphone in the bedroom. If, like them, young South Africans can find their voice and learn how to make the most of digital media to connect with other like-minded individuals and groups, the sky is the limit,” said Juggernath.

Parents can find out more about Toughees’ social media #Youthfluencer workshops here: https://toughees.co.za/pages/bangene

For further information on BATA please visit https://toughees.co.za/

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