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3 clever paint tips to give your home a new look

Most of us have that one room in our homes that just doesn’t feel right. It might be too narrow, too dark or too big.

Make a small space feel bigger, invite brightness into a dark room and create zones to make an open-plan area feel more cosy – all of these illusions are easily achievable by combining the right paint colours and using clever techniques from Dulux.

  • Uplift a space with shades of blue: Gentle and soft blue tones can create a balanced and laid-back look, reflecting light more than darker tones, so they will brighten any room with small windows and a lack of natural light. Pair with simple, yet modern furniture with accent colours like lime green and red to create focal points of contrast.
There’s no need to worry about mold or drip marks appearing on the walls, with Easycare Bathroom’s moisture and steam resistant formula. Source: Dulux
  • Open up spaces with a painted split effect: Open up a long and narrow part of the home, such as a passage or an entrance hall, with a split effect. A warm grey on the bottom half and a lighter shade on the top half will help create a sense of space, making the area feel taller and larger. Paint skirting and doors in white for a sophisticated, crisp finish.
Combining a darker and lighter colour will open up a narrow space. Source:
  • Create zones with versatile tones: Zone an open-plan space with warm tones and pastel hues. This zoning technique is practical and beautiful, allowing your space to serve multiple functions in harmony, while creating a cosy, inviting feeling. 
Make a statement with your furniture by painting fitted storage doors in a separate, paler violet shade. Source: Dulux
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