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New on the book shelves

The Tilted Pentagram … witchcraft and spells and dark powers!

In an alternate history where the Church rules Europe through the Holy Roman Empire, a young woman is hunted for witchcraft as she seeks the purpose of her family’s dark powers. When second-year Dresden University student Nell Blythe is accused of witchcraft, not even the Holy Office knows just how guilty she is. She may not believe in spells, but she does have frightening abilities she keeps hidden and can’t explain. The same abilities that made her mother infamous, then got her killed.  Forced to flee, Nell meets a powerful stranger with abilities like hers. He can answer questions about her mother and their dark gifts that she has spent her whole life asking. But she is not nearly prepared for what he will show her. No one is.

The Tilted Pentagram by Matthew MacDevette, who was born in SA and is drawn to dark stories told with hope and humour, is pitched as a fast-paced and absorbing alternative history for lovers of A Discovery of Witches, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Divergent, will be the debut title of new South African publisher, Mirari Press.

Mirari Press, R360, from Takealot, Exclusive Books and good bookshops.

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