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6 reasons why we love the one-bag travel trend

Schlepping heavy bags, backpacks and suitcases around with you is one of the worst parts about travelling – but it doesn’t have to be. 

Make your life that much easier and take the heavy load off your back while travelling by embracing the one-bag travel trend. This doesn’t mean you can’t take anything with you either…it simply encourages you to adopt a minimalist approach and pack smart. And let’s be honest, we usually pack everything but the kitchen sink and only end up using half of what we are lugging around with us anyway. So, here’s to packing only what you really need, while enjoying these benefits from ekko

  1. Efficiency and flexibility: This trend encourages intentional packing and saves time and effort, particularly if you travel frequently. It also allows for more flexibility if there’s a change of plans, as you are not lumbered with tons of luggage to worry about.
  2. Quicker transition: Forget queueing or long waits at check-in counters or baggage claim carousels at airports. Sail through security and park off somewhere comfortable until your flight is called.
  3. Easy to keep track: Less likely to lose or misplace a single bag and you have less stuff to worry about when you are moving from one location to the next. 
  4. Cost-effective: Avoid the cost of checked-in and/or additional luggage.
  5. Mobility: Much easier to move around with a single bag, giving you the freedom to navigate airports, cities, and various modes of transportation effortlessly. Juggling several heavy bags is no fun, not to speak of the physical effort involved.
  6. Indirect environmental benefits: Reduces carbon footprint associated with excess baggage weight and transportation. Also requires less plastic and packaging waste to organise your belongings when travelling with multiple luggage items.
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