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Colour is back, bolder, brighter and more beautiful than ever before. How far you go to incorporate this season’s colour into your home depends entirely on how brave you are. We asked East Coast Radio House & Garden Show director, Cairey Baxter-Bruce to give us the low-down on the latest colour trends and how you can include them in your home.

Crazy coral
As the Pantone colour of the year, ‘Living Coral’ is everywhere! It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s a very happy colour that, in small, doses, can give your home an instant update. Source soft throws and fun scatters to bring the colour into your living room; or upcycle an existing piece of furniture with a pop of paint or coral-coloured doorknobs. Give old frames a lick of paint and hang them in a cluster on a wall in your reception area, passage or bathroom. If you’re feeling really brave, pick a wall in your home or even a door and give it a coat of coral paint.

Pale pinks & pastel colourways
Millennial pink is still going strong but softer shades like dusty rose and neutral blushes are taking over, as are gentle pastel varieties of turquoise, lilac and yellow. This colour palette is the perfect way to subtly inject a little bit of personality into your home and can be incorporated into any room from your kitchen to your kids’ rooms. One thing is for sure, if pastels are your thing, this is your season.

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Forest greens

Think lush, dark, tropical hues of green that will add a rich decadence to any room. This range of colours works well with neutral tones, natural textures and metallic accessories in brushed gold. An added bonus to incorporating this colour into your home is that it’s suitably masculine enough so your husband won’t complain about living in Barbie’s dream house. Consider soft furnishings in textured fabric or wallpaper in bold prints and if you really want to commit, invest in an emerald green sofa or statement chair. If you’re going all out and painting walls, make sure it’s in a large enough room with plenty of light!

Moody blues

By moody we don’t mean grumpy. We’re talking dramatic, deep and soulful blues that have a rich depth to them. Similar to forest greens, these blues are strong, work well with neutral tones, and, when combined with white, create a clean, minimalist feel. Kitchen cabinetry looks fab in this range of blues so if you’re planning a kitchen revamp in 2019, this is one trend to consider.

Mellow yellow

Yellow is not the most obvious colour trend to incorporate into your home but it is one trend that just won’t go away. Fun scatters in bold prints, stripes and patterns are an easy and effective way to bring a bright happy colour like yellow into your home as are quirky ceramics, vases and pots.

New neutrals

Everyone loves to play it safe with timeless neutrals – and for good reason when redecorating every two weeks isn’t always feasible let alone practical! If you’re ready to move away from beige, there are some really beautiful, elegant colours out there to think about. Mushroom and hazelnut for example, are slightly warmer shades of the classic neutrals and provide a great décor base without being too boring. Think raw wood, lots of textured fabric and unusual ceramics for a trendy spin on a timeless classic.

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