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Make your home a sanctuary with these decorating tips

AUTUMN is probably one of the most pleasant seasons in Durban – ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining and home some good home decorating fun. From the table top to your mantle, to the colours on your walls, with a few simple tricks and techniques, you can really make your home feel like home. Vanessa Ludwig, an invited designer at this year’s Decorex Durban, and founder of Zingela Interiors, shares how to update your décor for the months ahead.
“We live in a busy, chaotic, fast paced world. Our homes need to be our sanctuaries – a calm, comforting space where we can unwind, relax and feel secure. With autumn approaching, we leave behind the hot, clammy days of summer for milder, gentler days. We embrace the colours of autumn and the glamour of Art Décor – rich colours, luxurious velvets and gently curved furniture replace stark white walls and straight, industrial lines.”

The vibe is retro glamour with a touch of decadence – cocktail hour, a beautiful drinks trolley, luxurious linens and tassels.

We take our colour lead from nature. Calm colours including earthy hues, deep greens, russet and plum. These colours are complimented with pops of optimistic yellow and coral orange. We pull our autumn colour inspiration from the Strelitzia of the coast and the autumn leaves of the midlands.
These colours follow the global colours trends of jewel tones and the Pantone colour of 2019, ‘Living Coral’, which you can add to your existing new scheme for a pop of colour. Combine it with various shades of grey and green. Update your home decor by introducing corals, sage green and teal scatters onto a beautiful linen couch. Matching decor is out. Too much symmetry will make your space feel impersonal and hotel-like. Contrast colours, patterns and fabrics to create a space that feels decadent and serene. Repurpose furniture. Sand down an old table to reveal the wood grain, or paint it a beautiful jewel colour to compliment your decor scheme. Reupholster your favourite, comfortable couch with velvet, and add scatters in other textures and patterns. Layering colours and textures creates a feeling of harmony. Add a statement rug in bold patterns to create a dramatic focal point in a room, or a neutral rug for added texture.

Wallpaper will change the atmosphere of any room. Be daring and bold. Make a statement. Wallpaper an entire guest toilet to create a feeling of drama. Ceilings are making a big impact on interiors this year. Wallpaper them or paint them a bold colour. If you choose not to have a bold patterned wallpaper then choose textured wallpaper. This will add layers to your decor.

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Indoor plants are more popular than ever as they create a feeling of calm. Use soft, leafy plants and hang them from the ceiling, group them together on the floor or place them on shelves. The green of the plants displays beautifully against a dark wall. Repurpose cement or plastic containers by spray painting them with Rust-oleum metallic paint. This will introduce your metallic component.

Without good lighting, the impact of other, well-thought interior details will be lost. Good lighting can create ambience and mood. Update your home decor by adding lighting details. Your eyes are always drawn to the brightest spot. Use this to highlight a beautiful artwork or focal point in the room. Beautifully crafted lamps can be used as a decor feature as well as to provide soft warm lighting.

Natural Elements
Add wood to your home either in flooring or panelling. Wood adds warmth and texture to create a beautiful, harmonious interior. Highlight the different wood grains and combine these with softer textured furnishings.

Oversized Art Work
One oversized artwork in your living room or hallway will give your home a sophisticated feel as well as a focal point. Artwork is personal and defines you and your space. It will fill a space, but not clutter the feeling of a room. We live in a country of amazing beauty, contrasting colours and dramatic scenery. Let your home decor be inspired by the natural beauty around you, and things that you are passionate about. Your decor should ultimately tell a story about you.

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