Add some sparkle to your festive season home decor


Leaders in décor and design, Decorex SA, have Christmas décor trends beautifully wrapped up and ready to be incorporated into your home as traditional and contemporary styles converge to make the season memorable.

Minimalist…with sparkle
The Scandinavian simple, clean lines and muted tones are sprinkling their way into this year’s festive décor, balancing the excess and decadence that so often dominates this particular holiday. Silvers, whites and sleek edges are characterising the table décor with glossy surfaces reflecting the twinkling Christmas lights. Softened metallic – copper, gold, brass and bronze – also bring warm tones, but must be used sparingly.

(Image credit – @home The Homeware Store)

Décor Ideas: marble-like baubles; clean-lined candleholders; long-stemmed candles in whites and silvers with a subtle glitter finish; metallic cutlery; brass and zinc candlesticks; copper tree buckets.

Circles, mirror and glass
The festive décor is further extended by incorporating on-trend circular mirrors throughout the dining room space, working well to break the linear designs. This echoes the silvers and gloss of the minimalist trend, bringing in a subtle Christmas feel without overwhelming guests. Glass, in all shapes and forms, is also proving an effective festive material with hand-blown glass offering a sense of welcome imperfection.

Décor Ideas: hanging mirrors as Christmas tree decorations; large mirrors over serving areas; hanging glass lanterns; hand-blown glass baubles; circular glass candle holders; stemless and rounded wine glasses.

Monochrome geometric
This is a refreshing way to keep things cool as the summer days enter the home. Ideal for apartment and studio living, geometric shapes – alongside muted greys and blues – create a serene space that invite a touch of sparkle. For a moodier space, go for darker tones of grey, even black, with candles and ferns to bring in some festive life.

Décor Ideas: white and black geometric cotton Christmas stockings, geometric-style gift wrapping; straight-lined metal tree décor; geometric-printed table-runners.

Dried botanic and natural textures
A beautiful way to infuse the minimalist trend while also bringing in the warmth of Christmas is through dried flowers and branches. The muted organic tones and textured appearance work well with the Scandinavian clean lines, smooth glass and geometric style. Wooden items are finished with metal accents in a tasteful blend of materials. For a truly South African feel, wooden bead accessories lean directly into this inviting trend.

Décor Ideas: Raw-edged linen stars; rattan twine for Christmas gifts; botanic table accessories; wooden, rattan or wicker tree baskets; beaded wreaths.

Greenery and vegetation
A South African Christmas celebration is not limited to the home, but rather flows into the enlivened greenery of the outdoors. Enjoy your al fresco festive lunch by including some lush greenery from the garden and incorporate the deliciously colourful red and dark purple fruits into the décor. These natural touches, with their individual shapes and patterns, further enhance the beauty of the colder metals and glass. Likewise, the enlivened colours contrast beautifully with the more subdued whites, silvers and glass.

Décor Ideas: Fresh berries in iced water; green ivy as table décor;

Personalised touch
Personal touch trend is never out of style, so be sure to add an element of yourself and your family into the design. Every family has unique ways of celebrating Christmas, so be creative and let these individual traditions speak through your décor choices.

Décor Ideas: personalised baubles; incorporating family heirlooms into décor; personalise the place settings with a subtle reflection of each guest.

Sleep Sanctuary
Festive season trends are not limited to the eating space alone. This is a time to welcome friends and family into our home, which demands the creation of ‘sleep sanctuaries’ for guests – and even yourself. Spread elements of this year’s festive season trends throughout the home and try to create a welcoming space for every visitor.

Décor Ideas: Incorporate touches of these Christmas trends into the guest room; create a comfortable Christmas fort for the children near the Christmas tree using blankets and cushions; re-envision an outdoor area – shed or room – into a cosy sanctuary.