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Put on your party glam

Make-up artist Cindi Laird shares some tips on how to glam up your daytime make-up to take you from office mom to party diva with some deft make-up techniques you can master in minutes.

Our model before the glam makeover

Cindi prepared our model, Gill’s face by applying a moisturiser. “This is best done five to ten minutes before you start applying your make-up as it allows the moisturiser to settle into your skin and won’t affect your foundation as you apply it.

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Get that sultry look
You can rock the sexy, smoky eye look by make sure you have the right tools to create the look. “Brushes are key to creating a good smoky eye, and knowing if you are a warm or cool tone will help in choosing the correct tone of eye shadows. If you have green eyes, use grey and plum. Use gold or copper for blue eyes and if you have brown eyes, navy and grey tones go great together. Keep in mind that you can use any colour to create a sultry smoky eye, but you’ll need two colours in contrasting shades (dark and light).”

Blending is the ultimate key in creating any eye-shadow look, especially a smoky eye. Remember, blend with a clean brush and tap off excess eye-shadow before applying to your eyelid.

“Applying your foundation after doing a smoky eye sometimes makes it easier to clean up the look and easier to ensure you do not end up with dark under eyes from eye-shadow fall out. You want to start with your eyes instead of your foundation. As you apply dark colours to your eyes, the shadow is likely to drop onto the skin, which can then be removed with a wet wipe or makeup remover. If you have foundation on beforehand, you will have to remove your foundation and start again otherwise the shadow drop will make your foundation appear grey and dull.

Sweep the darkest shadow across your lashes and up into the crease of your eye then blend it out (in a V shape). A smoky eye shouldn’t have any harsh lines. Using a brush in circular motion, lightly buff the shadow into the crease of your eye.
Take your lightest shade across your whole eyelid and under your brow. This will act as a highlight.
Still using the light shade, colour the inner corner and the middle of your lid. This brings attention to the eyes and sets them wider apart. You can also take this shade underneath the eye on the lower lash line for more impact.
Once your shadow is done, define your eye with a black liner along your top and bottom lash lines.

Tip: For an ultra-dramatic smoky eye, use a black pencil liner and smudge it along the lash line. This blurred finish adds depth and emphasis.

Lucious lashes
To avoid getting mascara spots all over your upper lids, always apply it to the bottom lashes first and move to the top. Adding a few longer extensions will also make a massive change on the eye, Cindi used two pieces of long lash extensions, adding a little length which has an amazing effect and is easy to apply and remove.
Apply two to three layers of mascara for your party look to create thicker, fuller lashes (don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll get clumps).

Tip: NEVER ever keep a mascara for longer than 6 months Also, use a brown liner instead of black. Black can be very harsh and unforgiving, whereas brown is softer yet still effective. Using eye-shadow instead of a pencil in our humid climate often lasts longer.

Applying foundation
Choosing the right foundation for your skin type is the golden rule. Decide whether the look you want to achieve is dewy or matt and then go to the store and do a foundation test so that when you finally buy the product you want, you are purchasing with confidence.

“Most stores offer samples that you can take home and try out to see whether or not it sits well on your skin type and if the colour matching is correct.”

Using a beauty blender or foundation brush to ensure you get even coverage apply your foundation. Avoid using your fingers!. Feel free to use a concealer if you feel you need it. “A great waterproof concealer in our Durban climate is a must-have for long lasting coverage,” advises Cindi, adding that a setting spray is also a good investment and will help your make-up last all day and well into the night.

If you’re going straight from work to a social event, you don’t have to redo your foundation from scratch. A quick blot of powder and a mist of setting spray will refresh your entire look.

For Gills all night party lips Cindi used a lipstick primer, a lip pencil and coloured in the whole lip with the liner, then added the lipstick – if you use a brush instead of the lipstick directly you have way more control and the liner will help avoid the lipstick from bleeding later on in the evening.

Tip: A great conditioner for lips is to make a homemade lip scrub using some sugar, olive oil or coconut oil. Gently scrub your lips at least once a week. 

Finishing touch
Cindi finished off Gill’s glam look by adding some highlighter blush across her cheekbones.

Don’t leave home without:
Cindi’s six must-have items you’ll always find in her cosmetic bag include:

  1. My beauty blender. Remember you have to use it damp (not soaking wet) I often spray on some of my setting spray as this helps set the foundation when applying it.
  2. My Garnier Skin Active BB cream. I use this for everyday use especially in our hot Durban climate. I use this BB cream with the Liquid Camouflage Catrice Concealer which I find creamy and long-lasting.
  3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer for a bronzed contour.
  4. Essence Superlast Eyebrow pencil is by far one of my favourite products. It’s waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours.
  5. Catrice has an amazing affordable mattifying powder that does not leave my handbag.
  6. Mac Prep & Prime Fix+ Spray for all day freshness.



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