A quilt revival


While quilts may remind you of times gone by, they’re anything but dated and old fashioned. In fact, they are making a huge comeback in bedroom décor.

An age-old craft that dates back centuries, quilts are a true art form that started as a necessity for bedding and warmth. Over the years, they have evolved from being an essential item to a much-wanted item in bedroom décor for adding colour, pattern and personality, and today you can choose from an array of designs, ranging from plain colours, patchwork or eye-catching designs that cross the traditional to modern decorating tastes.

If you’re wondering how to bring a quilt into your home without making it appear old fashioned, there’s a decorating strategy to achieve just the look you want.

Choose a theme

One of the easiest ways to bring a room together with a quilt is to choose or identify your decorating style. If you prefer a shabby chic, vintage or rustic look, a traditional patchwork quilt will work best. A quilt with bright colours and interesting patterns resonates with an eclectic, rustic or a trendy mid-century theme. Monochrome decorating is making a comeback. This simplistic approach to decorating allows you to create a stylish bedroom which is striking yet has a calming effect. This room will suit a delicately patterned or softly coloured quilt in your chosen colour theme. The stitch detail on a quilt will add the extra texture and interest to really make the look come alive.

Make the Quilt the hero piece in your room 

For this strategy, start with a feature quilt on the bed and contrast it with other pieces of bedding, curtains, furniture and accessories to suit the quilt’s specific look and feel. A modern update on this style is to fold or drape the quilt at the bottom or halfway down the bed, allowing the contrasting linen to show off the pattern without it overpowering the room. To accentuate the designs of a contemporary quilt, repeat the shapes and patterns, such as squares, rectangles or circles with other pieces of furniture, scatter cushions, accessories, mirrors or rugs in the room.

Coordinate your room with the colours of your quilt

For a really bold statement, match your linens, curtains and accessories with the boldest or brightest colours from the quilt. For a more paired down harmonious feel, choose the lightest or more neutral colours on your quilt to co- ordinate with.

Accessories are key

Play up a more traditional quilt with antique lamps, a traditional vanity and a classic bed such as a four-poster or sleigh bed. For a more contemporary look decorate with accessories that include lots of glass or metal items. Photographs or abstract art will also work well with this style.  For a sense of nostalgia connect the quilt with your unique style and personality by adding keepsakes, sculptures, artwork or pottery from your life, travels or dream destinations.