Fashion that resonates


The old saying, necessity is the mother of invention, became a reality four years ago for Bianca Pulvirenti when a severe drought threatened their Camperdown farm livelihood. Realising they needed an extra income was just the push she needed to put her creative talents to work and she began making jewellery from home.

Her passion for creating unique pieces of costume jewellery led to her opening a gorgeous little boutique, Shop Resonate, in the heart of Morningside where Bianca sells her range of locally made jewellery, accessories and clothing. Asked what the story was behind the name Resonate, Bianca laughs and says she simply loved the word. “It means vibrations. When I create art for my prints and jewellery, every pattern and stone has to resonate with me, good vibrations mean I am creating!”

What are the first items you gravitate toward when shopping?

I love jewellery bags and shoes, the more eye catching the more I love it, as soon as they grab me and say hello! It’s pretty much sold!

How does your style fit into your lifestyle?

I love colour, and the bolder the better – anything with Leopard print has my name all over it! My home is quite eccentric, especially for a farmer’s wife!

What is your fashion style?

When you have a brand you love, and I love my own brand, I wear Resonate all the time, not only do I get to wear my bling, I get to do some “free” advertising every day.

What advice and fashion tips do you have for our readers?

My biggest piece of advice is comfort – my clients must feel comfortable, I always say don’t buy it if you are not going to wear it. You must love what you wear, and feel confident and comfortable.

What makes you passionate about the brand?

My brand is all mine, the love and energy I’ve put into it, that it’s evolving and moving forward, the possibilities are endless.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

Marianne Fassler, Lady Gaga and an old favourite – Jennifer Aniston

What’s exciting to you about the fashion industry in SA right now? Is Durban with it?

South Africa is definitely stepping out more, we travel more and I think because of this, resort wear has blown up on the sunny shores of SA

What are your biggest challenges around buying new clothes? Where do you like to shop?

I really love to support other woman in business, and shop local. When I travel I love to buy key pieces that are not available in SA, but at the end of the day good old Woolies!

What 5 items do you never leave the house without?

Cell phone and charger – they go hand in hand. I always have Resonate stock with me, my sunnies and my favourite bottle of Channel perfume – Mademoiselle!

Favourite way to chill?

Spending a Saturday morning at home with my six dogs on my verandah. I love hanging out with my friends and family, it’s the best part of my weekend.

Favourite food?

Being married to a Sicilian I love to cook Italian. And I have a crazy obsession with eggs. It’s my death row meal .. just give me a boiled egg, and I’m happy!

Favourite Durban hangout?

I love a good grab and go Afros Chiken strips and coldslaw

What do you love about being a Durbanite?

The weather in Durban rocks, I spent four weeks with Tory in Cape Town while he was sick and I missed home. Durban people just have a different beat about them. Being a farm girl I love the beach, driving across the bridge to La Lucia I see the ocean and it makes me feel like I’m on holiday. Living in Durban is like living in a holiday destination.

Make-up: Alissa Dawn
Hair:Lois Foss
Dressed by: Resonate